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Online Public Speaking – Batch 23 – International students – Australia – Sep – Oct 2020

Do you remember how you spent your early childhood years hiding behind your parent or scurrying awkwardly to escape a social conversation? When I was as young as 6, I remember having such nervous moments while conversing with peers or in social gatherings! Many children as young as 6 or as old as 13 would experience jitters to speak publicly. Their palms would sweat, their hands would shiver, or their mouth could go dry. The moment their names are called out to speak in a classroom, they would blank out despite toiling hard in practicing their speech at home. Nerves! Every child experience those little butterflies making their way through your epiglottis however, if that affects your child’s performance or opportunity to represent their school, class, or team, we need to channel these nerves into positive energy.

Nearly 75% of the common population today faces speech anxiety, one of the greatest fears of people across the world. As one of the most acclaimed Public Speaking Coaches today, I too had this fear when I was in my early childhood. I yearned for that leap of faith moment that will help me to cultivate art of public speaking. Through Nirmiti Academy, we are proud to have coached more than 100 international students with a sole objective to build their confidence levels and make them believe in themselves. With this vision, we happily started our 23rd batch of Online Public Speaking for kids from Australia on 28th September 2020.

One of the participants, Thea J, started with a wary approach and didn’t find it easy to interact. However, with curated activities and content application to daily life situations, she started enjoying the entire learning process. Stand-up delivery, discussions and games got her to take concrete steps towards being confident and conversational. Her parent graciously shared positive vibes after her program. In his words, “My kid had a very positive impact after this course. The course focuses well on the building blocks of public speaking. The interactive nature of the course also helps the kids to break the shackles around fear and shyness.”

On the contrary, Rithvik J was eager to share his views and ideas but needed to regulate his body language to woo the audience. He immensely benefited from voice and facial expressions activities conducted their performance and stage presence. Imaginative Topic speaking activities led the participants to break the ice and adopt a better outlook towards the science of public speaking.

The third participant, Deetya K, worked towards bringing structure and creativity in her speeches. Her biggest challenge was to get empathy in her speech. Keeping her heart up her sleeve, she learnt to use more tactful and joyful communication. The best time was when each of them accepted several challenging yet interesting assessments in the culmination week. Whether it was about introducing self or presenting on mindful topics, the kids took this to their stride and scaled their confidence and comfort in speaking on digital platforms.

We were extremely happy to facilitate such an exclusive program for this enthusiastic batch of young kids from Australia. At Nirmiti Academy, each child is encouraged and coached to push the envelope and strike off their goals to improve their communication and confidence levels right from their formative years. Being a conversationalist, they learn to connect well with their peers, participate in their school discussions, and stand up for themselves in tough situations and people. We wish each of them best for all their future endeavors!

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Online Public Speaking – Batch 23 – International students – Australia – Sep – Oct 2020

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