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Online Public Speaking – Batch 5 – Class 3 – Class 9 - Kids June 2020

Public speaking is the procedure of designing and sending a message impactfully to an audience. Effective public speaking comprises understanding your audience and their learning goals, selecting elements for the speech that will involve your audience with your subject, and delivering your message adeptly. Effective public speakers know that they must plan, organize, and review their material before speaking.

Nirmiti goes international! Nirmiti Academy kickstarted its 05th batch of Online Public Speaking for students from India & Dubai. This program proved to be a game changer for the enthusiastic batch of learners from international location who joined this program to better their confidence, speaking and presentation skills. In times of Covid-19, learning has become boundaryless hence, having students from Dubai was simply a pure delight!

Rehan Malik, a student from UAE joined this program to utilize the lockdown period and summer holidays in a better way. Rehan, an extremely confident student needed some more enhancing when it came to Speaking Skills. Undertaking this program gave him some vibrant insights on his speaking style, dialogue delivery and non-verbal communication like hand movements, pace, power and pitch.

Advaith Yogesh, a class 5 student went through a sea change in his approach and style of speaking after he joined the one-month public speaking program in June 2020. Advaith, a shy and introvert child by nature, used to find it difficult to talk to people confidently. Activities conducted throughout the 1-month program boosted his confidence and presentation skills. He now feels more excited and confident while taking part in any academic and social discussion.

Nirmiti Academy’s Public Speaking program majorly focuses on enhancing young students’ speaking skills which makes them feel confident about themselves. They, in a way, start appreciating their strengths and work on their areas of improvement which gives them a competitive edge over others. We, at Nirmiti Academy, aim to help students reach to a level where they can appreciate themselves and find their voice, be self-confident in any social or academic situation and elevate their overall personality.

Public Speaking is an indispensable skill that needs to be learned and practiced like any other skill. Since maximum communication today happens on a verbal level, it is critical that people learn to speak clearly and persuasively. Young students need to learn how to communicate their ideas, thoughts and views clearly and effectively. A student who speaks clearly and confidently automatically commands respect. That's a quality that all young leaders hold.

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Online Public Speaking – Batch 5 – Class 3 – Class 9 - Kids June 2020

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