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Online Public Speaking – Batches 16 - 17 – Level 2 – Dubai and India Sep - Oct 2020

Public speaking is not just a technique of imparting information to a group of people. It is an ‘art’ that needs to be nurtured and honed in the formative age of a child to reap amazing results in his career ahead. A lot of factors nurture this skill and blossoms into a talent – supportive environment, timely exposure and speaking opportunities, guided practice and rewards that reinforce and augment the inkling. Speaking experiences can be easily created or executed before a group of focused students in school classrooms, a large crowd in an assembly or competitive environment in form of forums, speeches, conferences or competitions. Coming closer to our environment, Public speaking can also be conducted when you interact or converse with guests or visitors in social gatherings or befriend and socialize with peers. The benefits of being aware and taking earlier steps to building these skills in the early years go beyond amazing!

While Nirmiti Academy proudly mentors children of different age groups in shaping them into passionate and confident speakers through their Level 1 Public Speaking program, Level 2 program prepares them for competitive speaking and sharpening their saw in visual tools of presentations.

Visual aids and tools of presentations infuses right blend of structure, creativity, and skill in a learner. While an interesting tool can gain more attention from the audience, it reduces anxiety levels in a learner. He feels supported and encouraged with every passing slide of a PowerPoint or a Flipchart. It naturally brings more stability and poise in a speaker as he slowly learns to balance both – visual (aid) and verbal (self) tools.

Nirmiti Academy kickstarted the 3rd batch of Level 2 series that upskilled students from Dubai and India in advance public speaking skills after their successful completion of Level 1 program. This aimed at equipping them to work on varied tools of presentations, challenging and time-bound topics to upgrade their public speaking abilities.

Afthab H., a class 06 student from Abu Dhabi, UAE came with a golden heart and sparkling aim to learn and carve a niche for himself. Having participated in many speaking forums and MUN competitions, he had a clear objective to gain good hold on speaking confidently and competitively. Right after his Level 1 and 2 programs with Nirmiti Academy, he penned out his appreciative notes, “Hi This is Afthab Sajid Hassan from AbuDhabi...i came across level 1 to level2 as a part of public speaking course conducted by Nirmiti academy in july to sep batch 2020... Nirmiti academy has an excellent way of organizing ideas and views thats easy to understand...its an amazing experience for me and i felt this course is one of the most productive one i have ever attended. I liked the atmosphere of course...relaxing and most supporting…Really, life changing best course i have ever been on....Thanks to my dear Dipti maa'm and team for their great support ,guidance and awesome tips of delivery styles... Thanks and with lots of prayers Afthab Sajid Hassan

His partner in crime followed his footsteps! Mohammed Shehzin from Dubai also completed his Level 2 along with Afthab. He came out to be a raw diamond and only needed a platform to outshine his raw abilities. Shehzin developed the right attitude and immense strength in delivering varied content in these two months. His presentations continue to receive huge appreciation from his successors at the Academy. In his mother’s words, “Nirmiti academy is a good place for improving and enhancing communication as well as public speaking skills. It was a great experience to my sons Shehzin and Nazwin which helped them a lot to build their confidence and also communication skills. Thanks to the instructors Dipti ma'am and Ruchi ma'am who are very skilled and professional trainers for their guidance, support and feedbacks.”

Naisha P, a student from Thane joined this program along with her cousin sister from Dubai. She not only bettered her presentation skills but also started enjoying using Powerpoint presentation in far more confident and creative manner. Both of them utilized both the programs of Level 1 and 2 to bring a competitive edge in school projects and speeches. Her brief words of appreciation on our Google page were encouraging to familiarize them in using more such tools of presentations throughout the sessions.

“It was nice training. Very Interactive session. Faculty was very friendly and Cooperative.”

Key takeaways from the Level 2 - Advanced Public Speaking Program:

Become creative and confident while presenting ideas

Be an effective communicator and presenter in school projects as well as social gatherings

Balance varied tools and techniques while delivering topics in larger groups

Be ready to participate in many speaking competitions

Whether your child wishes to speak in competitions or interact in his online school sessions or get more outspoken in his daily life, Public Speaking is the right experience that you can give to your child from his formative days. Nirmiti Academy’s Public Speaking Program helps students from all parts of the world to present themselves as excellent speakers right from Level 1.

Nirmiti Academy’s Advance public speaking program imparts those skills and practices that are vital to demand an audience’s attention, inform and enlighten them, and present yourself as an exceedingly pleasant speaker!

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Online Public Speaking – Batches 16 - 17 – Level 2 – Dubai and India Sep - Oct 2020

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