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Online Public Speaking - Level 1 - Batch 20 - October 2020

Public speaking is not just a program or technique of sharing information with a group of students/people. It is a skill that needs to be understood, instilled and practiced in the formative years of a child to get amazing benefits in his personal, social and academic life.

Enrolling for a public speaking program will make your child a better communicator, and great communication is a requirement to excel in a wide range of areas, especially academic.

Being a better communicator makes your child a better student, leader, friend and more. The skills the child learns over the course of a public speaking class are skills that he/she can apply to an extremely wide number of scenarios.

Whether he/she is taking part in a speaking competition, group activity or even in a social gathering for that matter, being a better communicator and public speaker is something that will be incredibly valuable to your ward.

Nirmiti Academy began its first batch of public speaking for young speakers from the age group 6-9 years old. The sole objective of this program is to help them improve their public speaking skills and accelerate progress in academics. And this was done in a simple, fun and interactive way! The batch consisted of students from various locations like Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi, Thane etc. who had come with a common objective – to become a confident student. They all had come with different challenges – some were too shy/quiet, some lacked structure, some didn’t know how to showcase the right body language and the list goes on!

Being a better communicator/speaker doesn’t only help your child in his/her academic life though; it can also help them in their personal life as well. From making a good impression at a social gathering to giving a great speech at school, the worth of being an effective speaker needs to instilled in the child from a very young age.

Saanvi A, a student from Bangalore, thoroughly enjoyed Nirmiti Academy’s public speaking program as it had a lot of activities and games which made it easier for the students to understand the concepts like mind map technique, verbal and non-verbal communication, presentation phases etc. Saanvi benefitted immensely from the program as she understood the importance of being a confident student, giving structure to our thoughts etc.

Another participant, Yashvi L from Jaipur was a very quiet student when she joined the program. She lacked structure and confidence when it came to talking to new faces. Her mother shared the challenges with us and we were happy to help Yashvi tackle them. A lot of role-plays, group conversations, topic speaking activities etc were arranged keeping the requirement/areas of improvement of the students. In a span of 02 months, Yashvi started enjoying, understanding and applying the concepts very well. Her mother too was very happy to see this change in Yashvi.

In a nutshell, the reason why young kids need public speaking and presentation skills is the fact that public speaking is a skill that applies to almost every aspect of student life. These skills need to be taught at a very young age as these are their formative years.

Regardless of their career goals and future, being a better communicator will give them a whole new set of advantages and skills that they can use to further your objectives – and taking a quality public speaking class is by far one of the best ways to quickly improve their communication skills and confidence.

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Online Public Speaking - Level 1 - Batch 20 - October 2020

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