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Online Public Speaking - Level 1 - Batch 29 - India and Qatar - Dec 2020 - Feb 2021

In some cases, it can be difficult to avoid speaking in public. Whether you’re a school student presenting at an exhibition, or a college student taking a debate course to achieve an acknowledgement requirement, chances are you’ll have to speak in public at some point. Speaking in front of others can be frightening, but learning this skill can go a long way in helping you shine in high school and college.

Nirmiti Academy kickstarted its 29th batch of Online Public Speaking for kids between the age group 05-09 years old. This program proved to be a turning point for the enthusiastic batch of young learners who joined Level 1 of Public Speaking program to better their speaking and presentation skills.

Jian B, a class 4 student from Qatar benefited enormously from this program. Jian a shy and introvert boy always found it difficult to talk to unfamiliar persons. And even if he did, it needed structure and persuasion. This often kept him away from networking with new people. After joining the program, Jian himself was able to see the change in his confidence and speaking abilities. All the activities conducted during the program gave him the experience and boost to talk to people on diverse topics and that too positively.

Reyaansh, a passionate student from Mumbai had a powerful voice, the right attitude and was always ready to try something new. This program improved his public speaking skills by concentrating on areas like facial expressions, voice modulation and presentation skills. The online public speaking program gave him a supportive and constructive learning practice which permitted him to capitalise on his strengths and work on his areas of improvement. After seeing the difference in his speaking skills, his parents happily extended his program to enhance his Public speaking and presentation skills.

Becoming a confident speaker does not happen instantly, while it may come easily to some students, it can be seriously problematic for others. By joining such programs, young kids can instil the confidence they need to make a mark for themselves in this competitive world.

Another participant – Manvi S, a student from Uttarakhand joined this program to enhance her public speaking skills. Manvi, a super energetic girl, loved to express her thoughts and opinions but lacked confidence while presenting on a particular topic. Manvi joined this program with high expectations to overcome her fear and nervousness of speaking in public. Undergoing the program made her understand the importance of effective verbal and non-verbal communication and vocal expressions.

At Nirmiti Academy, we help you identify your strengths and weaknesses through activities that align with your comforts and offer insights on how to best prepare for any presentations, speaking engagements or any other social discussion.

Here are a few advantages of a public speaking program:

Helps in refining academic progress

Develops the ability to voice their thoughts and inspire others

Makes them ready for the competitive world

Betters social connection

Strengthens verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Nirmiti Academy’s Public speaking program mainly concentrates on how to become a self-assured speaker on stage and while networking with teachers, friends, relatives, society etc. It guides students on how to interact, connect and present their feelings and thoughts effectually and timely.

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Online Public Speaking - Level 1 - Batch 29 - India and Qatar - Dec 2020 - Feb 2021

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