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Online Public Speaking - Level 1 - Batch 45 - India, UAE and Saudi Arabia June - July2021

While studies have shown that the child learns the most in the formative years of his growing in the age of 1 and 8, it also has thrown importance on how children continue learning and evolving more independent in the middle years between 9 and 11. Children step into that age where they learn to know their likes and dislikes. They also start experimenting and exploring with several options and learn to make better choices. This is the important time of the growing years where they gain a sense of expression, responsibility along with the growing independence. Physical changes, peer pressure, easy access to technology and other luxuries of life make it equally difficult for these children to express their views and stand up for their choices.

Giving the timely exposure to Public Speaking skills help your child to create a gateway to these concerns and overcome them more confidently. These Life skills also boost your child’s confidence and personality at an early age and helps him to excel his daily tryst in discovering a new self everyday. Nirmiti Academy experts have been diligently working with tween students of ages 9 – 12 with these objectives.

And thus, Nirmiti Academy commenced its 45th batch of Online Public Speaking for students from India, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. This 45th batch of online Public Speaking program was exclusively designed and conducted by our Chief Facilitator and Personal Excellence Coach, Dipti Deepak to boost their confidence, up their conversational ability and polish their strengths to make the right impressions in their world. That the students were from diverse cultures and international boards, the excitement and competitive spirit in the batch made the experience worth the grind.

Mohammed Ibrahim, 8.5 years old student from Saudi Arabia joined Nirmiti Academy’s Online Public Speaking program with a mission to work on his confidence, structure his speeches and bring necessary voice enhancements He was well aware of his potential to speak effortlessly but didn’t have the right guided practice to create impact at the right time. Having a strong recommendation from the graduated international batch of Saudi Arabia students and family friends, Mohammed Ibrahim and his sister Alishpa were full of readiness to be coached and conduct numerous practice sessions. He learnt to shape and structure his communication with Public Speaking techniques and feedback.

Ibrahim K, another 9 years old student from Saudi Arabia joined this course along with his brother Isa K to explore Public Speaking skills. He was excited to undergo numerous speaking sessions and learn the tricks to become a natural speaker. While he would face nervousness and going blank at times, he learnt to expand his content, give the right cues to oneself and emerge out as a confident and engaging speaker. He was eager to apply these skills in his academic goals and competitions.

Tejaswi N, a 12 year old from Bangalore came to us with definite expectations. She came across as a shy and more selective in speaking and expressing her views in discussions. But, with due focus on assessments, feedback, real-time activities and discussions, she started to open up and enjoy the act of speaking. With time, she had many aces up her sleeves and was able to apply the techniques to her speeches and presentations. Another student, Ron S, an 11-year old student from Thane, Maharasthra greatly benefited through the course. He learnt to use his voice more powerfully at the opening and closing of the speech, expand his content and speak competitively. His sheer dedication and intent to excel in Public Speaking skills got him to graduate to Level 2 of Online Public Speaking program with Nirmiti Academy in due course.

Public speaking is a vital skill in a student’s life not only to bring accolades in their academic and non-academic courses but also to believe in one self to speak clearly, creatively and confidently. While they are graduating in their tweens, they start taking a step towards leadership and people skills. Through Public Speaking skills program, they get nurtured to have their views, cultivate their means to communicate and showcase their budding talent at the right time

5 reasons why Public speaking is important in a child from an early age:

Increase in self-confidence and self-belief

Makes them more comfortable and interactive with people

Participate in academic discussions and project presentations with more vigor

Encourages them to work on their areas of improvement and make use of their talent more effectively

If you come across more shy or less confident to interact with new people, or have moved to different school or country, if you are looking at participating in competitions or project activities or simply wanting to be more expressive and enhance your speaking skills, Nirmiti Academy’s Public Speaking course is just right for you! With multiple group discussions, situational roleplays, and topic speaking activities they reinvent their capabilities and strengths.

Learning public speaking right from early years is an investment in itself. While your child intends to be a coder, dancer or artist, Public Speaking skills will bring out his confidence and vocal with his ideas and talent. Nirmiti Academy is incredibly honoured to coach such enthusiasts in becoming a confident communicator and speaker through their flagship course studies.

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Online Public Speaking - Level 1 - Batch 45 - India, UAE and Saudi Arabia

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