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Online Public Speaking – Level 1 – Batches 35 & 36 – March - May 2021

Nirmiti Academy believes that a student should start working on one’s personality at a very young age and continuously keep growing as a remarkable individual. And thus, Nirmiti Academy started it’s 35th & 36th batch of Online Public Speaking for students from India and UAE. Nirmiti Academy’s online public speaking program inspires students to define themselves, improve their strengths and make them stand out from others in this competitive world.

Rayyan S, a student from Qatar desired to work on his public speaking skills that comprised of voice modulation, body language and confidence building. Rayyan was well aware of the importance of these skills in a young student’s life, but didn’t have the right direction and mentor to help him apply these skills in real life. And that’s when his parents got in touch with Nirmiti Academy to mentor him. He was made to go through numerous activities and assignments that intended to better him conversational skills and confidence. After seeing the difference in his speaking and presentation abilities, he decided to continue his enhancement journey by enrolling himself for Level 2 of Public Speaking program to enhance his public speaking and presentation skills by learning to handle various presentation tools like PowerPoint Presentations, Flipchart presentations etc.

Public speaking is highly required in a student’s life if they want to be a leader. People follow leaders who inspire them and leaders who convey their message effectively. It’s important that students start developing this skill at a young age as it will help them to become a better speaker. Even if your child does not hold any authorized leadership position yet, effective public speaking can help your child become a thoughtful leader. A student’s ability to lead is closely related to his/her ability to connect with and persuade one’s audience.

4 reasons why public speaking is significant in a student’s life:

Boosts self confidence at a young age

Makes students more relaxed and conversational with other people

Helps boost academics and increases participation in school activities

Influences and encourages one to express more effectively and naturally

Keyaan & Nihaal – siblings from Mumbai, registered themselves for the 02-month Online Public speaking program with Nirmiti Academy. Their main objective of taking up this program was to become more confident while in public. At first, they used to be very nervous and fearful when it came to talking to a room full of new people. However, after going through several group discussions, role-plays and topic speaking activities they realised their true potential and started working on their areas of improvement. The program gave them beautiful understanding, courage and self-confidence to break the chains around fear and shyness.

Another participant, Arjun P, a student from UAE, too enjoyed and learnt a lot from Nirmiti Academy’s Public Speaking Level 1 program. Arjun, a highly confident boy wanted to work on his body language and delivery style along with voice modulation. He was made to learn and practice through ‘n’ number of activities like presentations, topic speaking activities, videos, short stories, group discussions etc. Nirmiti Academy’s course curriculum is nicely structured and gradually builds the competencies of a child so that the child is not under any pressure.

Nirmiti Academy’s Online Public Speaking for students from India, Qatar and UAE proved to be a sure game changer for the passionate batch of learners who joined, successfully completed Level 1 and transformed into confident personalities. Learning public speaking is a real investment in oneself. It’s one of the most significant skills to develop as a student in today’s times. Whether you want to be a leader, teacher, a businessman, or a scientist, or a coder, public speaking will help your child to be effective in every facet of life.

The larger purpose of our online public speaking program is to allow a child to speak confidently in school, competitions, presentations and at social gatherings. Nirmiti Academy is very happy and takes pride in offering students the much-needed experience and platform to be a flawless and fearless communicator!

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Online Public Speaking – Level 1 – Batches 35 & 36 – March - May 2021

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