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Online Public Speaking - Level 2 - Batch 33 - India and Dubai - Feb - Mar'21

Communication works well when you let it work for you… One of the best forms of communication is experienced at the stage level or amidst a group competing or complementing each other’s viewpoints. We call it the art of Public Speaking! It is not just a process of transmitting information through a PowerPoint or a whiteboard. It is, in fact, an opportunity to influence people with your ideas through impact and visual content. We call it the next level of Public Speaking – Advance Public Speaking skills - Level 2.

Take a pencil in hand and it works. Take a finer lead pencil and it writes beautifully. But when you sharpen any of these pencils, they will not only write smoothly but also give you a thrill or joy to write. Equally, all students of Public Speaking program at Nirmiti Academy sharpen the right skills to speak confidently. With an upgraded level of Public Speaking, they learn to speak with an impact and create joyful experiences with their visual tools of speeches and presentations. Our 33rd batch was no exception to this ultimate purpose!

The Advance – Level 2 of Public Speaking program – Batch 33 – started positively for a focused group of students from India and Dubai in February 2021. This program provides a competitive and thrilling exposure to varied tools of presentations which gives them an edge in subsequent academic projects or competitions at school level.

Each student who has successfully completed the foundation level course is eligible to undergo this superlative series. Presentation tools like Mind maps, PowerPoint presentations, cue cards, posters and more are learnt and practiced diligently.

Arnav D, a student from Dubai, had achieved accolades by winning the title in Nirmiti Academy’s Annual Speak Now Contest. He started his Level 2 journey to augment his speech skills. His strength lied in using PowerPoint application features to enhance his visual content. Nirmiti Academy’s Advance Level 2 of Public Speaking gave an amazing exposure to such varied tools to present his views more creatively.

One of the key learnings of Advance Public Speaking program of Nirmiti Academy is to balance visual tools along with your verbal content. With know-how, practice, immediate feedback and handholding, these kids learn to present themselves as joyful speakers.

Another student that needs a special mention, Aparajitha H, a student from Navi Mumbai has been consistently working on her speaking competencies. As an extension to the program, she came on board to work on many projects and case study presentations to take her skills to the next level. While she had completed Level 2 in August 2020 itself, her objective to rejoin this program was to consistently enhance her presentation skills. Her words of appreciation, I personally enjoyed doing both the levels (1 and 2). Getting to learn new things about public communication and speaking skills is really overwhelming. Thank you to all my teachers for making the learning fun (like by adding ppt presentations, etc.), was motivating to keep exploring newer techniques and subjects to work together this year.

Level 1 and Level 2 programs of Public Speaking proudly cultivates foundation of speaking skills as well as prepares each Nirmiti student to participate in competitive speaking forums and platforms. With these intensive programs, you can see your child taking conscious steps towards becoming an exceedingly confident and creative speaker.

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Online Public Speaking - Level 2 - Batch 33 - India and Dubai - Feb - Mar'21

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