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Online Advance Public Speaking for Students – Batch 8 – July 2020

Public speaking is the procedure of communicating data to an audience. It is typically done before a large audience, like in school, the workplace and even in our personal lives. The advantages of knowing how to connect with an audience comprises honing critical thinking, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Nirmiti Academy kickstarted its first batch of Advanced Public Speaking program - Level 2 for students who had already completed the Basic Public Speaking Program - Level 1 with us. After receiving an overwhelming response to the Level 1 program of Public Speaking, Nirmiti Academy curated Level 2 for students who desire to continuously enhance their public speaking skills.

The advanced Public Speaking program is a sure game changer that creates a difference in students’ abilities to present with power tools of public speaking. The advanced program makes the students familiar and confident in presenting their thoughts and views with the help of presentation tools like PowerPoint Presentation, Cue Cards, Flip charts etc.

Azim Mubarak, student from UAE who had experienced level 1 with us, enrolled himself for the advanced program. The program helped Azim in taking his presentations/speeches to another level. He benefitted immensely from the methodology and the individual feedback. This program gave him more confidence and better practice in handling tools and presenting effectively. This in a way surged his overall development as an effective speaker!

Speaking tools like PowerPoint Presentations, Word Documents, Cue Cards are easy to use and act as a powerful tool for giving presentations. Using tools help you to reduce speaking anxiety issues by drawing eyes away from the speaker and towards a screen. This leads to bringing a greater balance in presentations and body language.

Making your presentations more stimulating through the use of tools can help you to progress your audience's attention. Presentation tools let you to use images, audio and video to have a superior visual effect. These tools may also help a presenter be more improvisational and collaborative with the audience.

Nived Deepak, a class 4 student too enrolled himself for the level 2 program. Nived, a confident boy, who is always keen to learning new things, was excited to join the advanced program. This program gave him more insights on bettering his presentation skills by using various public speaking tools. All the speaking tools and activities conducted during the sessions were highly helpful for Nived, as it gave him a competitive edge over others. He now feels more excited and confident when it comes to speaking or presenting in front of his classmates. In fact, he continues his practice by conducting presentations at his home!

What are the definite takeaways of this program?

Being genuinely comfortable and confident when speaking to others

Being a better communicator in school projects as well as social conversations

Get super confident in balancing varied tools and topics in larger groups

From making a good impression at a social gathering to giving a great speech at a competition, the worth of being an effective communicator cannot be underrated.

Right from Level 1, the child practices public speaking skills and continues to give speeches or presentations with the help of a tool your communication, presentation and body language skills till he completes Level 2. As his skills improve, he begins to feel more comfortable and confident in his ability to speak effortlessly. One of the advantages of Nirmiti Academy’s Public speaking program is that the child will become more aware of how others perceive him as a personality. If one knows how others perceive you, one can work in a better manner to improve that perception!

Nirmiti Academy’s Advance Public Speaking program imparts those skills and techniques that are essential to demand an audience’s attention, entertain and inform them, and present yourself as a highly likeable speaker!

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Online Advance Public Speaking for Students – Batch 8 – July 2020

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