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Online Public Speaking – Advance Level 2 for school students – Batch 38

Learning to be an effective public speaker is one of the most rewarding and empowering milestones that every student must set for oneself. The most talkative student may come out with the best of ideas, but they may not prove worthy if they cannot stand and express their views effectively. Words written in ancient Greek history by Isocrates are true, “None of the things which are done with intelligence are done without the aid of speech.”

Today’s school students are going beyond the expectations and fulfilling newer heights in their career by representing their schools in inter-school competitions, certificate programs, Olympiads, science fairs, and more… They aspire to stand out from others through their ideas for which, parents avail and provide such opportunities and timely exposure to build their speaking skills and confident mindset.

Being able to speak clearly and confidently is one part of the journey that every student embarks on at Nirmiti Academy. Level 1 program empowers every child in cultivating such skills that will build their confidence and communication. They learn to acquire, organize and present it to others effectively. Whereas Level 2 teaches them to create influential tools of presentation and deliver their ideas with more impact.

Anousha, a grade 8 student from Mumbai, took it by the storm from the very first day. Having successfully completed the Youth Leadership program, she left no unturned to up skill her style and techniques of speaking effectively. Her composure and strong voice proved to be her strengths. Right from pruning her presentation abilities to building varied content, she showed the right attitude towards learning these skills. In her own words, “I have been more interactive since the classes, and more clear in my thought process. It has been really helpful. I appreciate the support and guidance from the teacher.”

The upgraded level of Public Speaking program sharpens the skills and gives the students the necessary exposure in creating Presentation tools. Guided practice sessions were given to this batch of students with reflective feedback to work on their softer spots. Reyaansh Y, a student from Mumbai, had successfully completed his Level 1 course along with winning the 2nd runner up title in Nirmiti academy’s Speak Now Contest. He took this program to enhance his speech skills. His strength lied in creating poster presentations and utilized it fully. Even in absence of know-how in Power point tool, he cultivated a niche with his creative posters and cue card tools.

Ananya M, a student from Odisha was truly enthusiastic and keen to refine her speaking skills. She overcame the tendency of coming across too casual in her speech by working towards her body language and her disposition. While the reflective exercises in Youth Leadership program were helpful, she actively participated in speech practice sessions and PowerPoint presentations in Level 2.

Public Speaking programs at Nirmiti Academy etches a strong belief in every student’s mind and enthuses them to work on their communication and speaking skills. The Academy takes pride in grooming students from diverse cultures and learning needs and help them master their public speaking skills through explorative and established techniques.

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Online Public Speaking – Advance Level 2 for school students – Batch 38

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