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Online Public Speaking – Level 2 for school students – India, Singapore, Dubai and Qatar – Batch 41

Delivering a Public Speaking speech is still a struggle for many school students. As soon as they see hundred pairs of eyes looking over, many students feel nervous and go blank at times. Adding to the misery, if the student must present his speech with the help of a PowerPoint presentation or a chartwork, it petrifies them to withstand the expectations. Speaking on stage or in public can indeed be a scary experience however, learning to be an effective public speaker can be one of the most rewarding and empowering decisions for a student in his growing years.

With greater emphasis on digital communication and online learning, today’s school students must present their views not only in extempore rounds or spontaneous interactions in break-out rooms of Zoom classes but also conduct PowerPoint presentations or poster presentations for their projects and group activities. Inter-school competitions, Olympiads, conventions, projects, group discussions and YouTube platform have further stressed the importance of balancing different tools and aids of presentations while delivering a speech.

With these aspirational objectives, we started our 41st batch of Advance Public Speaking – Level 2 for school students from world countries – India, Singapore, Qatar, and Dubai in June 2021. Having completed Level 1 program of Nirmiti Academy, all the students were geared up to work on their tools and techniques to enhance their Public Speaking skills. While our Level 1 program empowers every child in cultivating right level of confidence and communication, Level 2 teaches them to create influential tools of presentation and deliver their ideas with more impact.

Yashvi, a 14-year-old student from Dubai (and partly from Bangalore), took it by the storm from the very first day. Having successfully completed Online Public Speaking Level 1, she came to Level 2 with a mission. Having represented her school in varied activities and Innoventure competition too, she left no unturned to better her Presentation techniques viz. inclusion of Mind maps, pictures, and other creative ideas to her content. Her preparation and confidence proved to be her biggest strengths. Her contribution to the final assessment topics showed how wonderfully she had evolved into a more confident and impactful speaker. Her word of appreciation says a lot about her experience. “I had joined these classes a few months ago in Level 1. It was amazing there! I did not even miss a class. As soon as the level one ended, I just could not stop myself from joining level 2 and I feel I had taken an amazing decision to join that class, powerpoint, mind maps, and endless things! I have built my confidence, my voice got powerful, and I feel that I can make better speeches now!

Rinitha, a 11-year-old student from Singapore, came with great expectations. After having explored these skills for over a year in Singapore, she wanted to upskill her Presentation abilities. International schools have high standards of communication and encourage students to share their views individually. Rinitha was already confident enough to share her views however, she joined Level 2 to define her visual tools of presentation and balance her speech along with it. Abundant usage of cue cards, posters, mind maps and more tools were conducted to bring out the creativity in her speeches. Her strength was in calligraphic designs and doodling art and used it intelligently to enhance her tools. Her composure added to her abilities to experiment with many presentation ideas and express her views assertively and creatively.

Shatrunjay, a 13-year-old student from Thane, Maharasthra came out as a slightly quiet child when he first started his journey with Level 1 program of Public Speaking. With consistent encouragement and practice, he was able to come out of his comfort zone and share his views more openly. With Level 2, we saw a definite transformation in his readiness and confidence levels. The presentation tools gave him enough reference and aided him to speak fearlessly. With many interesting presentation topics in Level 2, he enjoyed the journey of speaking even more. Cue card technique was also helpful to Shatrunjay to bring his perspectives in speech practice.

Rayyan, a 14-year-old student from Qatar had started working on his voice quality and content in Level 1 itself. With Level 2, there was more emphasis given on importance of voice modulation at the opening and closing of his speeches. With numerous Power point and poster presentations practice, he was able to explore different techniques and styles of presenting his views and ideas. His love for football was proudly showcased by him through his tools. We are so happy to have seen him transform to an expressive participant with the consistent mentoring and feedback provided in all stopwatch rounds of speeches and discussions.

Those who aspire to stand out from others through their ideas and deliver winning presentations, Level 2 program of Online Public Speaking is just right. While Level 1 course of Nirmiti Academy equips students with the right speaking skills and confident mindset, Level 2 empowers them with methods and direction to present their ideas more impactfully. These students indeed created a niche for themselves in taking finite steps towards mastering their Public Speaking skills through explorative and transformational techniques.

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Online Public Speaking Level 2 for school students – India, Singapore, Dubai and Qatar – Batch 41

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