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Online Public Speaking – Batch III and IV – Class 3 – Class 9 - Students

Public speaking skills refer to the flair of effectually addressing an audience. Whether it is in front of a group of people you already know or a crowd of completely new faces, your capability to communicate with them with clarity, confidence and precision is known as your public speaking skills. The basic difference between a casual talk and public speaking is that the latter is more focused and meant for celebratory, entertaining, persuading, or informative purposes.

Nirmiti Academy commenced its 03rd batch of Online Public Speaking for students who enrolled from different parts of India. This program proved to be a game changer not only for the dedicated batch of learners who joined but also for those who extended their existing program into the 4th batch to better their speaking and presentation skills.

Many a times students do not ask questions because of fear, reluctance, self-doubt and low confidence. Communication skills help them to listen, understand the point of view of others well. After listening and understanding what others are speaking about students can ask right questions with sureness and it will aid them to gain more knowledge.

Why Public Speaking?

Reveals your knowledge. You are always at your best when you can coherently articulate your thoughts. Public speaking skills help you do just that. After all, the right worth of the knowledge you possess can only be understood when you can demonstrate and apply it

Demonstrates your confidence. Not only does public speaking upsurge your knowledge during the process of preparation but it also advances and demonstrates your confidence. Whether you are interviewing for a job or hoping for a promotion, whether you are ready to perform on stage or shoot a YouTube video, your confidence is what will make you stand out from others.

Helps you lead better. The higher you move up the career ladder, the larger will be the group of people you will have to lead. As a result, the necessity for public speaking skills and the confidence relevant to it also increases, making it one of the decisive characteristics when considering someone for promotion. The applies to students also, as it in a way develops leadership skills at a very young age

Arjun SD, a class 4 student from Hyderabad was highly impressed by our startup program of 10 days of Public Speaking and decided to extend his learning days with us. Undergoing this program helped him to sharpen his introductions, confidence, verbal and non-verbal communication skills. All the activities conducted in the sessions boosted his confidence, presentation structure and body language. He now feels more at ease when it comes to interacting with new faces.

M. Dhanvanth, joined this program with high expectations and dreams in his mind to overcome his fear and nervousness of speaking in public. Continuous speaking interventions and helped him gradually to become a confident speaker and gave the confidence to interact with others in the right way.

Two of the siblings, Nivedita and Samyukta from Thane, Mumbai also had decided to extend their program from startup to basic and thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning and coming out of their comfort zone. Their faith and commitment brought them closer to their goal and were confident and super energetic to contribute to every discussion and class activity in due course.

Charu Sahal, a Class 07th student from Thane, joined this program to utilize the lockdown period and her summer holidays in a better way. After her first assessment, we realised that Charu is a highly confident student and could benefit with more polishing in her Speaking skills. Undergoing the program gave her vital insights in speaking techniques, dialogue delivery, and vocal expressions.

Nirmiti Academy’s Public Speaking program majorly focuses on the tips and techniques on how to become an effective speaker on stage or while interacting with others. We aim to help students reach to a level where they can appreciate themselves, be confident in any social or academic situation and raise their overall self-worth.

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Online Public Speaking – Batch III and IV – Class 3 – Class 9 - Students

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