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Online Public Speaking for College students – Batch 37

Every single day we need to speak in front of some kind of audience. And when you have just opened the doors of college career, this audience widens and enlarges every single moment! While the intended purposes to speak with groups maybe several; mainly, informative, persuasive, interactive or entertaining, every student who kickstarts his college journey, has to live up to these expectations.

Students are apprehensive and fear speaking in public – small and large groups. They appear more casual and less prepared for such kinds of interactions. Whether it is to befriend new college students and classmates or present their ideas or views in front of the entire class, represent their college institution in competitive platforms for debates or case study presentations, join forums or social organisations, present their projects and presentations to faculty panel or appear for an interview for a summer internship or job placements, speaking confidently is the most essential skills in today’s world.

Keeping this need in consideration, Nirmiti Academy curated an exclusive program in Public Speaking for college students and kickstarted their first ever batch for college students including Grade 10, Grade 12, and Graduate studies. This program catered not only to the numero uno skill of creating and delivering confident speeches but also developed communication and conversational skills, refined nonverbal cues, and groom them to influence the world around them and become thought leaders.

Pratham G, a student of Food Technology and an active member of Rotaract community was truly enthused to enhance his communication, speech delivery and overall image building. He started with program with a bang and took every speaking practice and handholding session to his stride. His objective was to consistently enhance his presentation skills and work towards the building blocks of an influential personality. By exploring and applying newer techniques with every session, he came out as a more joyful and chiselled speaker. In his appreciative and kind words, “Had a great time throughout the duration of the course, the course was well above and beyond my expectations. I got to learn a lot of techniques and can’t wait to apply those in my day to day life! Thank you for the wonderful 2 months!”

In today’s world, a college student does not restrict his communication to the four walls of the classroom. He works towards multiskilling himself through online projects, class presentations, college competitions and fests, corporate internships, seminars, or online courses, etc. Today, a college student thinks of climbing the corporate ladder much earlier than the earlier generation. He understands that if a leader must gain credibility and impact, one needs to nurture and invest in effective communication and public speaking skills.

Vaibhav B, a Grade 10 student from Thane joined this program to instill interactive skills and overall personality traits. He learnt to use the power of speech to make a difference to his personality and attitude. Right from expressing his views on topics, creating thoughtful presentations to conducting himself in a persuasive discussion, he went along the journey with a focused approach. We are happy to see him grow into a far more prepared and confident individual as he takes his first step towards beginning his college career. His joyful thoughts on our review page affirms our beliefs. “So I had a great 1 month experience with them. The teachers are nice and their teaching method is great too. They solved all my queries and really helped me to be a better Public Speaker. I just wanna say that if you wanna improve your Public Speaking skills, then Nirmiti Academy is best to be.

Nirmiti Academy’s Online Public Speaking program for college students helps high school and graduate students to transition themselves to a far more professional approach to learning and equips them in solid skills mainly:

To speak confidently and effectively in social and academic situations

To communicate with more impact and influence in group discussions and debates

To increase and impart their knowledge through presentations and case studies

To overcome nervousness and prepare to conduct themselves in interactions

While observing great speakers or follow YouTube videos are the ways to develop these skills, however, at Nirmiti Academy, students learn by doing through practical approaches, get groomed as finer speakers and become the better versions of themselves.

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Online Public Speaking for College students – Batch 37

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