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Online Public Speaking for Students – Batch 11 – India, Dubai and China - August 2020

It is right that most of the students experience nervousness and fear when they are asked to come in front of a group to speak about a particular topic. This is quite common in students. It has been observed that only a few students can contentedly and confidently face such situations. But in this age and time, every student should develop an impeccable public speaking skill. Public speaking is a fine art that gets refined and sharpened with detailing, practice and usage of certain speaking tools and techniques.

Nirmiti Academy kickstarted its 11th batch of Online Public Speaking for students from India, UAE & China. This program proved to be a sure game changer for the enthusiastic batch of learners who joined, successfully completed Level 1 and moved to Level 2 of Public Speaking program to better their speaking presentation skills.

Nazwin, a class 6 student from UAE too benefited immensely from the program. Nazwin a shy and introvert boy always found it difficult to talk to strangers. And even if he did, it lacked structure and conviction. This often kept him away from interacting with new people. After joining the program, Nazwin himself was able to see the difference in his speaking abilities. All the activities conducted during the program gave him the exposure and confidence to talk to talk to people on varied topics and that too confidently.

Arjun G, an enthusiastic student from Thane, Mumbai had a powerful voice, the right attitude and was always ready to attempt something new. This program enhanced his public speaking skills by focusing on areas like facial expressions, voice modulation and giving a right structure to his thoughts. The online public speaking program gave him a helpful and constructive learning experience which allowed him to capitalise on his strengths and work on his areas of improvement. After seeing the difference in his speaking and presentation abilities, he happily enrolled himself for Level 2 of Public Speaking program to enhance his Public speaking and presentation skills by handling various presentation tools like PowerPoint Presentations, Flipchart presentations etc.

Another participant - Joshua F, a class 04 student from Mumbai joined this program to enhance his public speaking skills. Joshua, a super energetic boy, loved to express his thoughts and opinions but there used to be a lag in his speech. He had already taken efforts in working on his language skills by taking up Nirmiti Academy’s 02 month Online Spoken English program, he wanted to refine his speaking skills. Thus, he continued his fun-learning journey with Nirmiti Academy. Joshua joined this program with high expectations to overcome his fear and nervousness of speaking in public. Undergoing the program made him understand the importance of effective communication and vocal expressions.

Becoming an effective speaker does not happen overnight, while it may come easily to some students, it can be greatly difficult for others. By enrolling your ward for such programs, you can help him/her to instil the confidence they need to make a mark for themselves in this competitive world.

Not only it is one of the life skills, but also enhancing public speaking skills helps to change a children’s overall personality. This is useful for talking in person or public.

Here are a few benefits of public speaking:

Helps in refining academic performance

Develops the ability to voice their thoughts and inspire others

Makes them for the competitive world

Advances social connection

Fortifies oral communication skills

Nirmiti Academy’s public speaking program largely focuses on how to become a confident speaker on stage and while interacting with teachers, friends, relatives, society etc. It mentors students on how to interact, communicate and present their thoughts and feelings effectively and timely.

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Online Public Speaking for Students – Batch 11 – India, Dubai and China - August 2020

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