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Online Public Speaking for Students – Batch 12 – Dubai, London, Switzerland, India - August 2020

As part of Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, communicating with people is equally important as reasoning and logical thinking. Every child is gifted with a certain level of emotive, cognitive, linguistic, interpersonal and kinesthetic intelligences. And it would be such a pity to not demonstrate or communicate them wherever necessary. There are more than one reason why a person would feel intrigued with a Public speaking skill. While a child may find it greatly difficult to find his voice and express his ideas; by sharpening these skills, a person feels more empowered and make good use of them to his fullest advantage. Whether you are from India or abroad, your persistent concern as a student would be to speak impeccably in your academic and social zones. The more outspoken one gets, the more he finds his roots firmly into the ground and excel in his academic career. As one is technically sound through education, certificate programs, projects and more, the educational provider may not have the bandwidth to work closely on your speaking skill set. You may be the last person who may be asked for his perspectives to the class discussions. This results into a ripple effect of low morale, neglected and lack of joy and happiness in what he is learning in the educational boundaries. Parents in and around the world want their children to stumble upon these blocks but find ways to quickly overcome them as fast as they can. Invariably the child may continue to feel overwhelmed with these gigantic expectations and no buffer grounds to bank upon.

To cater to such testing needs, Nirmiti Academy continues to work with students from varied countries viz. Australia, UK, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Switzerland, and India. Our exclusively curated 10th batch of Public Speaking was not an exception to this wonderful opportunity!

The mixed batch of international and national students from Dubai and India brought together a bunch of inquisitive and enthusiastic learners. While many of them had so much to share, they were here to increase their confidence, adopt a better structure and style for their inter-school and MUN competitions. Nirmiti Academy encouraged every student to be involved in many conversations, speech practice, individual and group activities that got them vociferous and outspoken naturally. To bring and balance varied competencies was truly challenging and interesting. While few experienced nervousness and going blank traits, a few of them were full of joy and confident to share ideas and opinions. With tried and tested methods and feedback mechanisms, each student was encouraged to overcome his improvement areas and their strengthen their existing skills. One of the persistent concerns of parents of these students was to get them expressive in social conversations, or while communicating in classroom discussions, on the stage or on an online schooling sessions.

Each student was mentored by Dipti Deepak, Founder Director of Nirmiti Academy and an international trainer and Coach to ensure seamless and creative speaking abilities by the end of the program. They were provided right ingredients, super tools and techniques that brings out confidence. Dhruv came from Dubai to work on his communication skills and non-verbal expressions. Being in an International school, he worked on bringing finesse and approachability. His ability to stretch and creatively handle varied content was strengthened and explored thoroughly. He was happy to pursue Level 2 of Online Public Speaking program with Nirmiti Academy to undergo competitive speech practice. He also shared positive thoughts after the program – “Hi everyone, My name is Dhruv and I have been a student at Nirmiti Academy for level 1 and 2. It has been a fun journey with all my peers and I feel that I have grown in my speaking skills. Therefore in my opinion Nirmiti Academy is a great way to open up and learn new skills with hands on experience.”

Yesa from Thane blossomed out to be a far confident and strong speaker at the end of the program. She showed great commitment toward imbibing feedback on real-time basis for every activity. Her readiness to scale up her content by using the tools suggested during the sessions proved helpful in building her strengths and overcome abrupt stoppages in her speeches.

to come across confident. With exposure to Nirmiti Academy’s super tools and techniques, the children were satiated with their output. Of which, 02-03 students showed readiness and abilities to stretch and scale up and hence were recommended to pursue Level 2 of the program in a week’s time. She too went on to pursue Level 2 to work on her non-verbal areas and get skilled in competitive speaking. We were happy to receive her positive appreciation that said, “I had joined the public speaking program and I had a lot of fun. They taught me many things and now I can say that I am an efficient speaker. My communication skills improved a lot. Thanks to Nirmiti academy and thanks to my teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed this time with you.”

The primary objectives of this program was to enable a child to speak with full of joy and mirth, and project a confident and joyful persona in all his spheres of life. Many of us have faced these challenges and have come across lifeless in our speech and presentations not because of the intent but mainly due to fear, nervousness or sheer unawareness of many tools that can enhance the overall image of the speaker. If one has to explore the thrills of speaking in public, even geographical boundaries will not stop your curiosity to learn and set your wings to. While our 10th batch of Online Public Speaking proved and believed that learning has no lockdown, Nirmiti Academy team lived up to that belief and went beyond expectations through their mentoring efforts.

This program can catalyse and transform your child’s performance as:

It provides super tools and techniques to improve their speech

It makes them outspoken and expressive

It helps them to find their voice and get them confident

It directs them to perform for their competitive speeches, presentations and discussions in their school and social life.

We wish all the students of 10th batch of Online Public Speaking to continue their learnings and explore themselves as a confident speaker.

Nirmiti Academy is extremely proud to have given these experiences to young students from varied backgrounds and nationalities at such formative age of their lives and created beliefs for many to achieve a better and confident future!

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Online Public Speaking for Students – Batch 12 – Dubai, London, Switzerland, India - August 2020

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