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Online Public Speaking for Students – Batch 14 – Level 2 - Dubai and India - August 2020

Numerous situations in school and social gatherings need students and kids to speak up. In academics, a student will need to speak up in projects, assemblies, annual gatherings, school plays and inter school activities, class mock ups, and other social interactions in class. For many, this comes naturally and for some, it needs practice and guidance. Proficiency in Public Speaking opens many avenues for students academically and charismatically. The ability to speak clearly and competitively defines their interpersonal and social relationships as well as exposes them to take lead positions in many activities and situations.

As part of Nirmiti Academy’s Public Speaking series, we encourage students to accept and acknowledge fear of speaking and engage them in constructive and fun activities in Level 1. We allow them to not only practise but also reflect on how to build finer traits of an effective speaker. Upon cultivating confidence and creative intellect in speaking and presenting their ideas, they graduate to Level 2 for more competitive and critical goals of speaking. After going through this tenacious process, the child learns to not only speak in confidently but also have stage presence and feels empowered in any situations.

Our 14th batch of Online Public Speaking was no exception to the above advantages and outcomes. This pioneering batch of international and national students laid a foundation for all the subsequent batches of Advance Online Public Speaking. Having gone through a rigorous program in Level 1, each student was ready to take the plunge in Level 2. They were looking forward to explore the tools of Presentations in this level. Tools reduce your anxiety levels and dependency on one’s memory recall. It also adds visual value to your verbose content and augments one’s impact on the audience.

A hybrid and Dynamic mix of international and national students from India and Dubai was the talking point of this batch. Scarlet Glaison, a student from Dubai joined the Academy’s Public Speaking program with a definite purpose. Having started her channel on YouTube, she always wanted to upskill herself with confident and creative communication skills. Undergoing Level 1 and Level 2 of Online Public Speaking program gave her an edge and helped her to build her communication and presentation abilities. Her parent says, “It was a great experience with Nirmiti Academy. After attending the speech training session my daughter's confidence level has increased. Special thanks to Dipti mam and team.”

While many of the learners increase their confidence in Level 1 itself, Level 2 gets them to adopt a better structure and style to perform in competitions, conversations, speeches or academic presentations. By practising varied tools and tested methods, they get outspoken and joyful speakers at the end of their program. They get more expressive in social conversations, or while communicating in classroom discussions, on the stage or on an online schooling sessions.

Another participant from Dubai, Niya Jijesh, showed huge commitment right from Level 1 to increase her confidence. Her strength lied in her abilities to present varied and complex content with effortless demeanour by the end of her Level 2 sessions. Her mother stated, “My daughter is enjoying the Level 2 classes a lot. she has gained confidence and speaking skills. Thanks to Nirmiti Academy and Deepti mam for the great support.

Our exclusively curated Level 2 of Public Speaking gives an exceptional opportunity to students across the world to become confident speakers and develop a joyful disposition towards stage presentations and competitive speaking. We wish all the students of 14th batch of Online Public Speaking – Level 2 to keep utilising their learnings and grab varied opportunities as confident speakers.

Nirmiti Academy is extremely proud to have given these experiences to young students from varied nationalities at such formative age of their lives and certainly looking forward to reaching newer horizons with their upcoming batches!

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Online Public Speaking for Students – Batch 14 – Level 2 - Dubai and India - August 2020

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