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Online Public Speaking for Students – Batch 32 – India, Africa and Singapore – Feb – March 2021

It is true that a majority of students experience nervousness, fear and anxiety when they are asked to talk to a group or new faces. This is very common in young students. It has been noticed that only a handful can talk contentedly and confidently. However, in this age and time, each and every child should develop public speaking skill. Public speaking is an art that gets refined, polished and improved with detailing and practice of certain speaking tools and techniques.

Nirmiti Academy started its 32nd batch of Online Public Speaking for students from India, Africa and Singapore. Our online public speaking program proved to be a catalyst for the super excited batch of students who joined from different parts of the world. They all had one common objective – to be confident.

Shubh G, a class 05 student from Singapore benefited greatly from this program. Shubh a shy and introvert boy always found it difficult to talk to strangers. And even if he did, it lacked conviction and proper structure. This often kept him away from talking to new people. After joining the program, Shubh himself was able to see the transformation in his speaking abilities. Activities conducted during the program gave him the environment and confidence to talk to people on diverse topics and that too positively.

Parth B a passionate student from Gurgaon, India had a powerful knowledge, the right learning attitude and was always keen on attempting something new. Our online public speaking program improved his speaking skills by emphasizing on parts like facial expressions, hand movements, content and giving a right framework to his content. The online public speaking program gave him a supportive and productive learning environment which helped him to capitalise on his strengths and work on his weaker areas.

Another participant – Bhavya H, a class 08 student from Malawi, Africa joined this program to augment his public speaking skills. Bhavya, a super active boy, loved to express his thoughts and opinions but lacked structure while sharing it with others. Bhavya had joined this program with high expectations to overcome his fear, nervousness in facing new faces. Undergoing the combo program of Public Speaking & Youth Leadership Program made him realize the importance of effective communication, right attitude, positive mindset and body language.

Becoming a powerful speaker does not happen easily, some students might be able to change quickly while it can be greatly difficult for others. By taking up such programs, you can help your child to build the confidence they need to make a mark for themselves in this world of cut throat competition.

It certainly is a life skill and enhancing it will help your child to change his overall personality. This will be helpful when talking in public or in person.

Here are a few advantages of joining Nirmiti Academy’s online public speaking:

Aids in bettering academic performance

Develops the aptitude to voice their thoughts and opinions to inspire others

Makes them ready for cut throat competition

Improves social skills

Strengthens verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Nirmiti Academy’s online public speaking program majorly focuses on ways to become a confident speaker on stage, in school and at social events. It guides students on how to interact, express and present their thoughts and ideas efficiently and appropriately.

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Online Public Speaking for Students – Batch 32 – India, Africa and Singapore – Feb – March 2021

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