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Online Public Speaking for Students – Batch 9 - India, Dubai and Switzerland - August 2020

One of the persistent concerns of parents across the world is to essentially get their child to become vociferous and get outspoken in his or her social conversations. On the contrary, the same child seen at the playground will be full of joy and mirth, alive in full body and soul. What happens differently and drastically that the same child finds it greatly difficult to project a confident and joyful persona in all his spheres? The answer lies in one of the greatest fears of a human is public speaking. While at home or on the grounds they would be wholeheartedly communicating their opinions, it is in the school classroom, on the stage or on an online schooling session that they freeze and speechless. Many of us have gone through a similar challenge and have only evolved or come over these difficulties on the job or stumbling upon some level of confidence in a peer group or a mentor’s addressal or simply by falling ten times through a difficulty. If one has to explore the thrills of speaking in public, with unfamiliar faces and some familiar ones too, even geographical boundaries will not stop your curiosity to learn and set your wings to.

Our 9th batch of Online Public Speaking brought immense joy and achievement to add yet another country to the list of international locations that Nirmiti Academy has catered to during this lockdown. In fact, the lockdown has opened borders and added international appeal to Nirmiti’s classroom beyond expectations. This batch was one of dearest batches with 09 enthusiastic women students with just one male student. The 01 month intensive mentoring program conducted for a month was worth all the effort.

The 09th batch of Online Public Speaking program of Nirmiti Academy received warm support and participation from Dubai, Switzerland and India in the age group of 9 and 13 years. Each of the students came with an aspiration and a promise to:

To improve stage presence and communication skills

To overcome shyness and conquer their fear

To scale their presentation content

To conduct oneself confidently in all online sessions and inter-school and inter-nation projects and MUN competitions

Considering the enthusiasm levels and aspiration to learn and be mentored under Dipti Deepak, Founder Director, international trainer and Coach, the program was exclusively curated to cater to the learning needs and abilities of the students. Each student was given the exposure and experience to speak seamlessly, confidently and creatively. If you have ever been on the stage, you will understand how the mightiest could go jelly feet and need the right ingredients to come across confident. With exposure to Nirmiti Academy’s super tools and techniques, the children were satiated with their output. Of which, 02-03 students showed readiness and abilities to stretch and scale up and hence were recommended to pursue Level 2 of the program in a week’s time.

This program acted as a catalyst in building confidence through guided activities through presentations, topic speaking activities, storytelling and discussions etc.

The siblings from Switzerland, Tanvi and Tvisha were determined to enhance their skills and make themselves a bit more outspoken speakers. They learnt to appreciate that feelings can be freely voiced in words. And these words need to be spoken. In European countries, an Indian family may sometimes have limitations to interact and socialise. Hence, varied speaking and conversational activities helped them to acclimatize and enhance their interaction skills.

A group of 7 enthusiastic learners from Dubai elevated the entire learning experience! The predecessors hailing from Dubai too recommended our work and reviews with their Friends and other family members. Scarlett started her program with great expectations and twinkling eyes. She showed absolute readiness and strength through her positive expressions, modulated voice levels, and a great appetite to learn and explore. She loved to share her views and ideas in creative ways too. A voracious reader, she could utilise the techniques effectively to scale her content. Her zeal to cultivate robust public speaking skills got her upgraded to Level 2 of Public Speaking program, an exclusive program curated for Level 1 graduates only.

Additionally, we also encouraged her to conduct herself for in-class exercises and video shoots as well as home shoots to add to her preparation.

Ishani’s energy and exuberance was sheer delight to watch and hear out her creative ideas. She came with the right attitude however needed to tame her body language and pace. We provided helpful and constructive feedback time and again to refine her content and her gestures to augment her speaking trials. Her delivery style showed improvement in many ways and was able to graduate to Level 2 – Online Public Speaking with few of the selected batchmates.

Afthab from Abu Dhabi kickstarted his learning journey with expectations and past experiences of representing his school in MUN and elocution competitions. He loved to share deeper perspectives to all the topic speaking interventions planned for the group and already had the ability of speaking confidently. However, needed to bring in finesse in his structure and body language to complement his communication style. The only male student in the class did not deter him to impact his audience and leave a lasting effect after every assessment. We were indeed delighted to see him pursue Level 2 as well as he had higher dreams and goals to achieve in the speaking arena. It fills us with great pride to quote his words of appreciation, “Hi, This is Afthab Sajid Hassan from AbuDhabi...I came across level 1 to level2 as a part of public speaking course conducted by Nirmiti academy in July to Sept batch 2020...

Nirmiti academy has an excellent way of organizing ideas and views that’s easy to’s an amazing experience for me and i felt this course is one of the most productive one i have ever attended. I liked the atmosphere of course...relaxing and most supporting.. Really, a life changing best course i have ever been on....Thanks to my dear Dipti maa'm and team for their great support ,guidance and awesome tips of delivery styles...Thanks and with lots of prayers

Dia Manokaran from Bangalore was a bundle of joy and had an appetite to excel as a confident speaker even at a nascent age of 8. She was encouraged to participate in many speaking activities along with video assessments just like her older batchmates. Her strong language skills complemented her creative skills and elevated her content delivery by the end of the program. We wished all of them our best in all their future aspirations and choices! For some the choices and chances continue with Level 2 of Public Speaking where they will be mentored for more competitive speaking prep. And for others, we are sure that life will bring more opportunities to them to explore and excel as a speaker.

In the competitive world, public speaking is an important communicative and interactive skill that one should hone to make a mark for themselves.

Public speaking helps to overcome the following bottlenecks:

Shyness and preferences to be less vocal

Lower self-esteem and lack of conviction

Scattered thought and expression of ideas

Inappropriate body language

Introverted demeanour

Missing on every other opportunity to participate or speak your beliefs

Every skill in life takes an arm and a leg from each one of us to learn and relearn. Public Speaking is not an exception. It is challenging and exciting in equal measure! At the end of this program, it allows you to build your personal strategies in communication and personality and carves out a finer speaker of you.

The plethora of speaking interventions changes each students’ overall eloquence and deeper understanding in the subject and the resulting expectations from each one of them.

Nirmiti Academy is extremely blessed to have given these experiences to young students at such formative age of their lives and created beliefs for many to achieve a better and confident future!

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Online Public Speaking for Students – Batch 9 - India, Dubai and Switzerland - August 2020

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