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Online Public Speaking for Students – India and Dubai Batch 7 - Jul 2020

If you have ever given a speech, you will know how these students go through a certain feeling. When 30 pairs of strange faces and eyes look at you, you have more than butterflies in your stomach! You may sweat, feel an urgent need to use the bathroom or simply go jelly feet. Your notes may simply look absurd and more confusing that you ever thought when you made them. As you see these 30 brooding set of eyes, you start evaluating your worth and count more of flaws than blessings. Learning Public Speaking is a rollercoaster ride to many of the students. Whether you want to be techie, doctor, teacher, scientist, artist or sportsman, public speaking proves to be a vital skill to develop from the formative age.

Most students experience some level of nervousness when they give a speech, presentation, or perform on stage for an assembly, fundraisers, annual events or vote of thanks speeches. They still manage to ‘handle’ the task without really enjoying it. This catapulting fear can make a child to not simply speak or maroon himself at a secluded corner in the classroom or even feel ‘neglected’ because of not belonging to a certain set of confident peers.

Nirmiti Academy commenced its 07th batch of Public Speaking program for students from various parts of India as well as Dubai. Each of the student had come for some of these objectives:

They wanted to improve their communication skills

They also wished to increase their self-worth

They had a dream to inspire and influence others

They wanted to represent and lead their academic and non-academic clubs

This program acted as a catalyst for such a highly enthusiastic batch of budding speakers. Although the program focused on breaking the shackles of comfort zone, it adopted confidence building activities through presentations, topic speaking activities, storytelling and discussions etc.

Arav, a student from Chandigarh joined this program to enhance his skills of speaking in public. He loved to share his views and perspectives however lacked structure, finesse and scale. Undergoing this program gave him beautiful insights and direction to his presentation and speaking skills, eye contact and delivery style which in a way helped him to be more impactful and creative. That he had already taken efforts in refining his language skills through our Online Spoken English program, he was looking forward to this new learning journey with us again. His achievements and zeal to present got him to also shoot video for in-class exercises as well as participate positively in many speaking interventions planned for this group.

Kaasinath and Karthik, enthusiastic siblings from Dubai, came with numerous expectations. Kaasinath aspired to become a YouTube speaker and Kaarthik wanted to excel in his academic interactions and speeches. Kaasinath had a powerful voice, the right attitude and was always ready with the right content. What this program did was bettered his voice modulation and body language. On the contrary, Kaarthik was expressive but lacked structure and content. We provided both the brothers a helpful and constructive learning experience in which they were allowed to explore and capitalise on their strengths and develop strategies to mitigate their weaker spots. They enjoyed the learning journey so much that decided to take another step towards intensifying their skills in Level 2 of Public Speaking with us.

Another duo of thick friends, Sara and Mayukh from Dubai, were bundle of joy and grit. Coming from Class 03, age appropriate exercises and assessments were planned however, they showed signs of readiness and curiosity to explore and experiment. Sara, born to Sunita, a Yoga expert, had not only the agility in body but also in mind and attitude. She worked on her content structuring, confidence and continuity in speech. She needed some more polishing and the conviction which brought her to pursue Level 2 of Public Speaking. The advanced level of public speaking helps the students to present with the help of some powerful speaking tools and create a fine balance between their tools and speech. It also gives them a competitive edge over others as they are able to demonstrate better confidence, body language and presentation skills. Mayukh was sheer delight to watch and hear out his creative ideas. His tone and confidence was truly appreciated. He improved his hygiene factors of his speech in an extended period of a month. We wished both of them our best in all their future aspirations and choices!

Communication allows us to form ideas, create narratives and stimulate experiments while speaking in forum. In the competitive world, public speaking is an important communicative skill that one should have to set themselves apart. Some of these kids took up the skill quite naturally and some worked really hard to cultivate it.

Public speaking helps to evolve your child in the following:

Improved communication skills

Increased self-esteem and conviction

Structured ideation

Confident body language

Build formal and informal relationships

Interactive and approachable

Becoming a good public speaker does not always happen over a day’s or 5-days program! It does not even happen through rigorous academic regime. The magic happens when all the factors come together screaming loudly and clearly that you have a ‘voice’. It instils that poise demeanour and confidence to respond and speak with a certain strategy and impact.

Every child is born with super intelligences. It is only through series of exposure to situations, skills and simplicity that one becomes a great public speaker. Working on public speaking changes each students’ overall eloquence and persona and helps him to discover the new ‘You’.

Nirmiti Academy is extremely blessed to have given these experiences to young students at such formative age of their lives and created beliefs for many to achieve a better and confident future!

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Online Public Speaking for Students – India and Dubai Batch 7 - Jul 2020

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Nirmiti Academy was glad to conduct the Online Spoken English Program for this batch of working professionals who found ways to embrace this lockdown period in order to explore their inner potentials and follow the path of positive transformation, thus taking them to greater heights of their career ladder.