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Online Public Speaking program - Batch 2 - April 2020

Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively - Gerald R. Ford

As the entire nation went into Lockdown frenzy, students of Nirmiti Academy devoted their time and intent to carve out a niche for themselves. To speak on stage or in Public confidently has always been a challenge to many school students. As the entire school curriculum majorly focuses on academic scores, they have little scope to provide opportunities to each child and give an edge over others to cultivate confidence and speaking skills. Public Speaking is an art that gets cultivated and honed with detailing, practice and usage of certain tools and techniques. With Lockdown 2.0 being in continuance, students can not only kill boredom but also utilise their time in acquiring Public Speaking skills. After successfully rolling out 1st batch of Online Public Speaking course and receiving tremendous and positive response from parents and students, Nirmiti Academy kickstarted its 2nd Online Public Speaking program for school students from grade 06 to grade 11 in mid April 2020.

This course largely focusses on equipping oneself with essential tips and techniques on how to become a better speaker on stage and in any public setting. We aim to help students to reach to a level where they can be self-confident and better advance their self-esteem.

Why did these students seek a Public Speaking course?

Improved communication skills

Better social connections

Academic and early career advancements

Impactful presentation skills

Structured delivery of thoughts & views

Shreya Tripathi, an 11th grade student from SNDT College, Mumbai was a part of this online public speaking program who was confident enough but when it came to articulating openly in public somewhere there was an apprehension deep down her. Undergoing the online public speaking program allowed her to bring out the better and confident version of herself. The online public speaking program focused on improving the participants’ communication, body language, speaking and presentation skills. The online learning intervention planned was helpful and highly engaging to bring positive changes in the participants.

Another Participant, Ishaan Dighe a class 9 student from Thane too benefited from this program. Ishaan joined this program to transition from reticent nature to easy-going speaker quality by simply overcoming his fear of speaking up in public through this program. All the activities conducted during the sessions encouraged and motivated the students to perform better.

Why did they consider Nirmiti Academy’s Online Program in Public Speaking as their first choice?

Flexibility: With convenient post-lunch timeslots, the students could juggle their school and tutorial classes well.

Pocket Friendly: Starting from spending 100/- rupees a day, students gained immense learning in economical ways.

Better networking opportunities: In Lockdown days where none of them are able to step out and befriend and network, this Zoom class gave them to simply connect and befriend like-minded people

Personalised attention: With micro online batches, the students at Nirmiti Academy continue to experience individual attention and guidance.

Easy access to expertise: Learning anywhere and anytime is the mantra of our Online Learning courses at Nirmiti Academy. Hassle – free and live interactive learning kept the groove!

Nirmiti Academy believes in helping young kids identify and appreciate their true capabilities and forte at an early age, which in a way makes them a stronger, more confident and a charismatic as an individual. All the activities that are conducted in the sessions mainly focus on the student’s overall development – verbal and non-verbal, presentation, and confidence building.

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Online Public Speaking program - Batch 2 - April 2020

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