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Online Spoken English - Professionals Batch 1 - May 2020

During the days of lockdown, the global health emergency of COVID-19 fundamentally brought about changes in the business style and the work culture. Employment and job market is expected to witness a brand new normal in the days following the lockdown. There has been a huge change in the mindset of the professionals. This is an unprecedented situation and workplace evolution is going to be an important factor in all companies. As there is much more emphasis on job security from professionals, every professional is trying to utilize the lockdown period to the best of their abilities to up skill themselves and secure their jobs.

Nirmiti Academy introduced the 1st batch of Online Spoken English Program for Professionals in April 2020 with the objective of developing the English language skills of Professionals, thus grooming and strengthening them to become the efficient workforce of the organisation.

Nirmiti Academy’s Online Spoken English Program for Professionals was attended by such professionals and entrepreneurs from different parts of India who wanted to create a significant mark in their career by developing English Communication Skills.

Santosh Sahu, an experienced Electrical Engineering Professional from Hyderabad working in Merchant Navy Industry joined for the Online Program for Professionals in April 2020. He dedicated his time to develop not only his English Speaking Skills with Nirmiti Acdemy, but also enrolled himself for the Personal Excellence Program, thus working on his overall personality and confidence building. The Spoken English Program not only worked towards developing his English Communication Skills but also it helped him to work on his pronunciation and accent neutralization to a great extent. The constant speaking practice on various professional scenarios and topics helped him to overcome his barrier of speaking English.

Nimish Shah, a business owner of a textile industry in Gujarat decided to take up a short term Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy to get a better understanding of English Language and to practise it. As an entrepreneur, his business expansion plans and ideas needed a strong base of English language in order to communicate effectively with his business associates and clients. The Spoken English Program for Professionals with Nirmiti Academy worked on laying the foundations in English language along with daily practise of English through various interactive communication activities.

Nainar P, working in the managerial position of an MNC in Navi Mumbai enrolled himself for the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy. With greater job responsibilities, there was much greater need of developing English Communication Skills. The Spoken English Program helped him to work on improving his Professional Vocabulary along with various interactive activities to practise English Speaking under various professional scenarios. The conceptual understanding of English Grammar along with the application of those concepts helped him to get a thorough understanding of English language and the use of English.

Chetashree Gavate, an MBBS Doctor from Thane, decided to take up Spoken English Program for Professionals with the sole objective of refining and mastering English Language Skills along with incorporating professional vocabulary to suit her professional needs and requirements. This program greatly helped her to transform from an introvert to an extrovert. This transformation was possible because of the constant rigorous speaking practice.

Ruchira Naik, a senior chartered accountant from Pune, decided to take up the short term program of Online Spoken English Course in order to utilize the lockdown period in the most effective manner to empower her professionally. Understanding her areas of improvement, she enrolled herself for the Spoken English Program to improve her English Speaking Skills along with working on building up her Professional Vocabulary.

This overall Online Spoken English Program helped these professionals to overcome their English Language barriers by way of actively engaging and involving them in numerous interactive activities based upon their professional scenarios.

The learning outcomes of the program were as follows:

Greater confidence to speak English

Effective communication of ideas and suggestions to office colleagues, clients and superiors with the suitable professional vocabulary

Active participation in experiential activities like group discussions, role-plays and debates

Enable fluent and meaningful communication

Nirmiti Academy was extremely delighted to conduct the Online Spoken English Program for this team of dedicated and committed professionals. The continuous support and guidance of the team in the form of constructive feedback led the professionals to the path of fearless communication and conversation.

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Online Spoken English - Professionals Batch 1- May 2020

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