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Online Spoken English Program – Homemakers, College Students and Professionals – Jan 2021

In this modern world, the significance of English language cannot be ignored. English doesn’t just play a role as a communication tool but can likewise make it simpler for us to adapt to the environment and work in the present and future. Learning and speaking English language would be the most suitable and beneficial choice as it is one of the most helpful languages throughout the world.

Whatever be the situations, whether it is a kitty party or taking an appointment of the doctor or talking to a customer care executive, the significance of English language cannot be ignored. English has become an indispensable part of our daily lives.

Our world is too small. We are connected globally every minute of every day. Nowadays, people use different social media handles to improve their networking and build connections, both personal and professional. People prefer connecting and interacting with friends and family through these growing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

A group of like-minded individuals coming from different walks of life crossed their paths at Nirmiti Academy’s Online Spoken English Program. Their similar learning objectives brought them together and made this learning journey a memorable and enjoyable one.

It was indeed a privilege for Nirmiti Academy to train and guide senior participants between 58 and 65 years of age. The courage, commitment and dedication shown by these participants to learn and acquire a new skill at this age was in fact a great inspiration for the other young participants in the batch.

Sujata, a retired government Architect and an artist from Thane, decided to upskill herself in English language at the age of 65 years. Her constant social interactions urged her to develop her English communication skills. Constant speaking interventions with the application of Grammar concepts helped her to refine her sentences and gain enough confidence to express her thoughts and ideas. Being an artist, she wishes to be a proficient English speaker and be confident to conduct and handle her art exhibitions independently with the right English-speaking skills.

Poonam, a 58-year-old homemaker from Thane joined the Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy with a simple wish of learning English language in order to be able to speak English fluently with her children and grandchildren in Canada. The comfortable and friendly learning environment at Nirmiti Academy helped her to overcome her hesitation to speak this language. The program helped her to get her pronunciations corrected to a great extent. Nirmiti Academy’s Spoken English Program was just the right platform for her to get her English-speaking skills. As she learnt the ropes of English language at Nirmiti Academy, she also practiced them out with her grandchildren. A wide variety of interactive activities just made it right for her to easily converse in this language.

Another senior participant of this batch, Rama Vedula, a 62-year-old homemaker from Thane, started this program with a lot of anxiety and apprehension. The Online Spoken English Program not only helped her to improve her English communication skills but also gave her some good friends which made the learning process far easier for her than expected. She gained a good amount of confidence in the 2 months of Spoken English Program with us. The well-structured teaching method and the interactive styles of learning were quite beneficial for her and the others to adapt to this language easily. The wide range of vocabulary covered here enabled her to handle her communication in her daily-life situations effectively.

Ashton Sequeira, a student from Thane, felt the need to polish his English-speaking skills by working on his vocabulary. Ashton thus joined the Online Spoken English Program at Nirmiti Academy in order to bring a difference in his daily conversations. Constant speaking assessments and constructive feedback were the checkpoints of his learning journey. It helped him to create a lasting and best impression of himself in his social circles.

The biggest dream of Varisha Khan, an aspiring Chartered Accountant was to join a multi-national company and make a good name of herself in her career. She always wanted to learn the right English and become competent in it before setting her foot into the corporate world. The situational vocabulary and experiential activities at Nirmiti Academy were exactly what she was looking out for. These activities made it possible for her to relate the usage of English language to her daily-life situations. Constructive feedback for the speaking activities were in fact the major learnings for her. She was able to better her sentence construction with the essential Grammar Concepts and increase her levels of accuracy and confidence.

As age was never a bar for all the dedicated participants of this batch, they stretched their potentials to the fullest and thus redefined their personality to a whole new and different level with gushing confidence and improved English communication skills.

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Online Spoken English Program – Homemakers, College Students and Professionals – Jan 2021

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