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Online Spoken English Program – Homemakers, College Students and Professionals - Nov 2020

The smartest investment which you can make for your future is learning a new language. If you have the ability to communicate in more than one language, then this helps your brain to work in a much better manner. When it comes to speaking or learning more than one language, English would be the most suitable choice as it is one of the most helpful languages throughout the world.

Be it a college seminar, endless work meetings or even a social gathering, talking in English publicly has become a significant piece of our everyday life. If you wonder what English language can do in your daily life and then think deeply, you will find that the gift of English language is all around us. Starting from the written signs seen on the road, messages from WhatsApp to the social media posts on Facebook / Instagram, everywhere English is used on a daily basis.

Nirmiti Academy happily assisted a batch of diverse audience to develop their English communication skills in order to fulfill their personal, professional and social goals.

Arfaath Sarguroh, an HSC passout from Thane aspired to become a Cabin Crew Member. In order to get into the cabin crew, the major prerequisite was to be fluent in English communication. He joined the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy in August 2020 and still continues to be a participant of our Spoken English Program in order to keep up his learning journey.

Akhila Guduru, an Engineering student from Andhra Pradesh joined the Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy to get used to conversing in English language with people around her. The various interactive activities got her to put on her thinking caps and thus get on speaking mode. The program greatly helped her to work on her pronunciations and vocabulary.

Rajesh Shah, an entrepreneur from Thane, took up the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy to build his English communication skills. His major objective of joining the program was to develop the ability to use English language effortlessly at his workplace. The program enabled him to break the monotony of using the commonly used and highly repeated words, thereby enriching the sentences with diverse range of expressions, phrases and words as per the situations.

Tania Banik, a lawyer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion wanted to work on her English speaking skills in order to create a lasting impression of herself in whichever line of career she chooses. Regular assessments and individual feedback acted as a guiding tool for her to work on her pronunciations, accuracy and better choice of words.

Suvidha Chindarkar was a pharmaceutical professional who joined the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy to build up the confidence required to communicate and interact in English with her team at her workplace. Essential Grammar Concepts helped her to better her sentence construction and increase her levels of accuracy and confidence.

Nirmiti Academy’s Online Spoken English Program turned out to be a transformational learning journey for all the participants of this batch, utilizing and expanding their potentials to the fullest and thus redefining their personality to a whole new and different level with oozing amount of confidence and improved English communication skills.

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Online Spoken English Program – Homemakers, College Students and Professionals - Nov 2020

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