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Online Spoken English Program – Homemakers and College Students – March 2021

The necessity of today’s modern society is English. The pivotal role that English language plays in our life cannot be denied. Being the only medium of communication in majority of the countries, its usage is growing with time.

If you wish to set a good impression of yourself before others, it is important to possess good English communication skillsE and speak English effectively. With your exceptional communication skills, you will feel a surge in your confidence level. Your communication will be considered to be effective only when your words are able to connect with others and your ideas are expressed to others in a manner that they are convinced to accept them.

The first and the biggest step in English learning is interaction as it is both the means and the ultimate goal of learning a language. A few women from various locations across the globe came together to interact and develop their English language skills at Nirmiti Academy.

Nirmiti Academy’s 6th Batch of Online Spoken English Program was attended majorly by women participants from different places. Learning English meant much more to them than just individual growth. As each woman participant wished to become a valuable and respected member of the society in their own ways, they took a bold step of learning English language in order to gain respect for themselves at home or in their social circles.

Whatever be the reasons, learning English language is considered to be a valuable life skill to be possessed. Nirmiti Academy worked closely with these participants to develop this life skill and make them progress in their respective areas of life.

Shreya Patil, a homemaker from Pune, decided to spend her free time to learn English and up skill herself. English speaking was always a challenge for her as she frequently has to accompany her husband for international business trips. This program helped her to overcome her fear of speaking in English by building up her English language skills in a very real way through experiential activities and conversations with her co-participants. Timely feedback acted as a guiding tool for her to rectify her grammatical errors and correct them.

Dhanashree Desai, an aspiring professional from Thane, who was settled down in Germany, desired to give her future career wings. She rolled up her sleeves to better her English communication skills by joining the Online Spoken English Program at Nirmiti Academy for 2 months. The program helped her to use different kinds of words and phrases at the right situations. At the same, constant speaking interventions allowed her to overcome all the barriers that stood in the way of her English language learning.

Pooja Pabalkar, a homepreneur from Thane, running her own online boutique, stayed dedicated to hone her English-speaking skills in order to stand out as a successful homepreneur. She did not leave any stone unturned to strengthen herself and convert her strengths into saleable skills. This program gave her the right platform to practice English speaking which helped her to believe in her abilities. Learning the application of Grammar concepts made it easy for her to construct sentences. Situational vocabulary eased her daily life conversations and bettered the quality of her sentences to a greater extent.

Vaishnavi Jagtap, a college student from Thane, wished to attain fluency in English language by moving her knowledge of Grammar and Vocabulary from the back of her mind to the front. She wished to make her learning effective by having live interactions in English with people. The Online Spoken English Program helped Vaishnavi to boost her confidencein English speaking and correct her grammatical errors. The program also worked on her pronunciations. Various kinds of interactive speaking activities enabled her to speak in English by learning from her own mistakes.

The Online Spoken English Program of Nirmiti Academy was indeed a game-changer for all these participants as it opened up new possibilities and prospects for each one of them. It was indeed a great experience for us at Nirmiti Academy to see these participants grow as English speakers as they grew their vocabularies and sentences. From expanding their friends circle to celebrating birthdays and other festivals, sharing the best recipes and many more made this learning journey a memorable experience.

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Online Spoken English Program – Homemakers and College Students – March 2021

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