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Online Spoken English Program – Professionals Batch 2 - June 2020

Unexpected incidents, events or shocks disturb our habitual routines, bump us out of our comfort zones and lead us to pose big questions about what is important and what is worth doing. It’s no big surprise, then, that during the current pandemic, a lot of people are rethinking their careers. The lockdown has paved path for uncertainties in the job market with reports of layoffs and salary cuts. Majority of the professionals are utilizing this lockdown period to enhance their skills for better career opportunities and long-term career growth. Working professionals across various industries have been looking to reorient their career trajectories. Though this enforced lockdown helped to slow the spread of corona virus, this period has offered the professionals with the right opportunity to upskill themselves through convenient virtual learning programs.

Nirmiti Academy happily conducted the Online Spoken English Program for such professionals from various parts of India who decided to make the best use of this lockdown period to work on their English language skills in order to develop their communication skills and formal conversation.

Ashok Kumar, an IT Professional from Bangalore, joined the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy as he had decided to upgrade his English language skills in order to perform better at his workplace along with managing his English communication with everyone around him. Being a multi – talented personality, he never wanted his English communication to be pulling him back. This program thus worked closely with him to improve his Formal conversations along with familiarising the application of Grammar concepts.

Balarama Seshu was another Software Engineer working in Thane who dedicatedly took up the Spoken English Program while working from home from his hometown in Hyderabad. As a software engineer, daily communication in English with his colleagues and team members was becoming difficult. However, the Online Spoken English Program helped him to manage his official communication with his colleagues and clients effortlessly. The situational vocabulary as per the professional situations was helpful for him to apply it at his workplace. In addition to this, it was the application of grammar concepts which made him get a thorough understanding of grammatically correct sentence construction. Nirmiti Academy not only worked on his speaking skills but also his written skills.

Chandan Gope was an Interface designer from West Bengal who came to Bangalore with the high hopes of finding a suitable career for himself and thus growing professionally. However, he decided to upskill himself in order to groom him professionally and prepare him to face the interviews with confidence. The Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy was just the right program for him. The regular speaking interventions gave him the exposure to English communication on various professional topics with other experienced professionals in the batch. This instilled good amount of confidence in him. Moreover, a detailed constructive feedback every time helped him to reflect on his areas of improvement.

Mohammed Nazar, a well-experienced senior manager working in a renowned firm in Delhi joined the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy in order to add one more feather to his cap by developing his English communication. Frequent speaking activities like group discussions and role-plays based on professional topics and scenarios helped him to get the right feel of speaking in English with other experienced professionals from different industries. These speaking activities along with professional vocabulary also made it easy for him to differentiate between formal and informal communication. This intervention thus eased up the part of written communication too, in the form of email writing.

The Online Spoken English Program exclusively designed for working professionals helped this batch of varied professionals greatly to manage their formal conversations in a flawless and confident manner. Speaking activities pertaining to their professional scenarios made this far more realistic and relatable.

The learning outcomes of the program were as follows:

Ease in communicating in English confidently

Usage of perfect situational vocabulary suiting your day to day professional scenarios

Active involvement in experiential activities like group discussions, role-plays and debates

Individual assessments and constructive feedback

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Online Spoken English Program – Professionals Batch 2 - June 2020

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