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Online Spoken English Program for Students – Batch 12 - May 2021

Parents would always want the best for their kids. They would never want to put their children in any awkward situations at home, at school or in the society. As much as English is a global language and the most common medium to communicate, it is equally common to have students fumble and fear speaking in English even today.

It is extremely important to develop English – speaking skills in the early years of education of a child. The chances of achieving fluency are high in the early years of development of a child. As they start communicating in English, they tend to develop exceptional English – speaking skills as they grow up. Learning English is not a rocket science. The only key to effectively master the art of English speaking is to practice constantly.

Parents want their children to read well, have a wide range of vocabulary and a firm understanding of English grammar, but above all, they want their children to speak with confidence and enjoyment.

The 12th batch of Online Spoken English Program for students at Nirmiti Academy was attended by a group of young and active students from Chennai and Thane. This batch marked a difference as it was a Special Summer Camp Program conducted for these children during their summer vacations. The program focused on creative writing and reading activities, aimed at up-skilling the children in their reading and speaking skills.

Sai Janani who joined us from Chennai, joined this program in order to take her English language skills to the next upper level. The interactive activities based on ESL methods made the program quite enjoyable for her. She looked forward to attending the session every day to learn something new and exciting in each session. The program helped her to bring the best out of herself. Regular speaking assessments also guided her in understanding her errors and correcting them. Vismaya, another young girl from Chennai, joined the program with the sole objective of becoming interactive and thereby making her conversations in English effortless. The simple reading and writing exercises helped her to a great extent to understand the words and their pronunciations very well. Constant speaking interventions were indeed helpful for her to overcome her nervousness to speak English. The fun way of learning Grammar and Vocabulary gave her a clear understanding of right and meaningful sentence construction.

Arnav Kamble was an active participant in this batch of Spoken English Program. He took up a 3 months stint with Nirmiti Academy. This extensive course of Spoken English gave him a fun-learning experience. As Arnav made good friends here, he also learnt to speak his thoughts out in English with them. The team-based activities kept up his spirit to participate actively and converse naturally and effortlessly with his team-members. During the entire course tenure, along with his speaking skills, his reading, writing and listening skills were also improved. Situational vocabulary was done in order to enable him to deal with his school and personal scenarios confidently.

Vedant Vishwasrao, another boy from Thane, made it a point to attend his Spoken English sessions regularly, no matter what. The entire program was indeed a bucket full of surprises. As each day unfurled its surprise, Vedant learnt something new every day. Apart from learning, there is a great level of fun and enjoyment that each day gifted him with. He never stayed back in any of the activities and that was the reason why the English learning process was an easy one for him.

Nihar Patil joined the Summer Camp Special Online Spoken English Program at Nirmiti Academy in order to spend his summer holidays at home in a meaningful and fruitful manner. The short - term program helped him to lay down his foundations of writing. The fun-based writing activities here made the learning process quite easy for him. As he began the program with a lot of fear, the friendly classroom environment was an energy booster, thus making it simple for him to adapt to the program quite quickly.

The Online Spoken English Program at Nirmiti Academy is a well-structured program that includes tried and tested teaching methods coupled with interesting interactive activities to engage the students and make the learning journey an easy - going process. As parents realise the importance of English language, they choose the best place for their children to develop their English skills. Nirmiti Academy was indeed proud to see the energy and interest in these children to learn and inspire others. Do not miss this opportunity to see your children grow as better and confident English speakers.

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Online Spoken English Program for Students – Batch 12 - May 2021

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