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Online Spoken English Program for Students Batch 6 – July 2020

COVID – 19 struck us without a warning or notice and left us scrambling to respond to its demands and requirements. It also created a need to creatively deal and manage such unexpected and once – in – a – century catastrophic events that are being anticipated as the ‘new normal’. This crisis gave us an opportunity to usher in this new era of learning.

One language that is incredibly important to learn is English. Because of the importance of English in our society, English has become incredibly important to learn. While this can be harder and more challenging for some students, it has become extremely important for them to learn. The methodologies adopted by Nirmiti Academy in our Online Spoken English Program give all students an opportunity to learn, even if they do not have a complete grasp on the English language.

Speaking is a very important aspect of English language skills. The success of an ESL learner is measured by the level of fluency in the English language. It is important to note that fluency in English is best achieved through constant interactions. Daily interactions and communication is thus ensured through our Spoken English Program.

Nirmiti Academy gave such a great learning and speaking platform for a young bunch of enthusiastic little ones. The inquisitiveness to learn and the conviction to express their thoughts and ideas freely without being captivated by the fear of speaking openly were the greatest learning traits of this batch.

Our 6th batch of Online Spoken English Program for kids was undoubtedly an amazing fun - learning experience. It was also a moment of pride for Nirmiti Academy to start this batch for students not only from various parts of India, but also from international locations. For the first time, Nirmiti stepped its foot in the UK for training one of the young participants, Kailash Vitharan. This added a feather to our cap. Moreover, it was indeed a pleasurable experience to have him in this batch. Kailash joined this program to converse and communicate freely with people around him. Different kinds of activities and fun-learning games were in fact a great stress buster for him. Situational vocabulary also helped him to get a hang of the right words and phrases to be used as per the situations that he would face.

Joshua Felix, a 7 year old from Mira Road, Mumbai was a student of US Ostwal Academy. His mother enrolled him for the Spoken English Program with an objective to improve his English speaking and writing skills. As Joshua completed the first month of his learning journey, he gained more confidence to speak in English. Better situational vocabulary added more beauty and perfection to his sentences. As Joshua decided to continue his learning journey with us for the second month, Nirmiti Academy was happy to work on his writing skills along with improved pronunciation. The fun-based interactive ESL activities were the interesting factor of this program for him which got him engaged in the sessions. He impressed everyone with his excellent story-writing skills. And now, Joshua continues his journey with us in our Public Speaking Program for kids.

To add to the cuteness of this batch, there joined Amishi Sharma, a 5 year old cute little girl from Hong Kong. She was the youngest one in the batch to take up this program in order to work on her communication skills and conversational abilities. As Amishi visited India to spend her vacation, the unprecedented lockdown put a stop to her travelling plans back to Hong Kong. However, her parents decided to utilize the stay in a productive manner. This gave a wonderful opportunity to Amishi to interact with children of different age groups from different locations. The constant interactions and speaking interventions created a stress – free environment for Amishi, thus making her comfortable to stay focused and learn more through various activities. The individual assessments and feedback helped her to understand her areas of improvement. She worked hard to perform in all the activities and thus better her communication.

Advait Santosh More was another young and smart participant of this batch who showed great interest and enthusiasm to participate and win in all the activities. His healthy competitive spirit was thus highly appreciative. His curiosity to learn enabled him to lay his first layer of foundation for his sentence construction. Better vocabulary and effective phrases for different academic situations helped him to ensure constant application of the words and phrases. Grammar concepts were made easily understandable through various activities. After laying the foundation of English language, Advait began his learning journey in the Public Speaking Program.

Mohammed Basit, a 6 year old from Delhi joined Nirmiti Academy with a long – term goal of learning English and becoming a fearless and confident speaker of English language. His parents enrolled him for the 3 months of Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy. They believed in improving not only his English speaking skills but also his writing skills along with bettering his reading skills. Various activities and daily interaction made him confident to express his thoughts and ideas in English. Though the journey began with an uncomfortable note for Basit, the daily interaction and the play-way methods of learning made it easy for Basit to get adapted in the batch. As he continues the journey with Nirmiti Academy, we are happy to witness the transformation of Basit from a shy and introvert Basit to a confident and jovial Basit.

Prithviraj K, a young and simple boy from Karnataka began the learning journey of Spoken English with Nirmiti Academy with a lot of fears and inhibitions. However, his father enrolled him into the program with a lot of expectations and hopes. As a father, the biggest concern was to make Prithviraj comfortable and amiable to the learning environment. However, the guidance and individual attention made it easy for him to get easily adaptable in the batch. It gave us immense pleasure to see the metamorphosis of Prithvi from a serious and reserved boy to a smart, dynamic and chatty boy.

Online Spoken English course will help your child with:

Laying the foundations of English Grammar strongly

Improved communication skills

Useful words and phrases to suit the daily life situations of a student

Better conversational abilities

Constant virtual interaction with peers of similar age group

Individual assessments and detailed constructive feedback

Online programs have now become a trend of unlimited learning. COVID – 19 became a catalyst for us to search for innovative solutions in a relatively short period of time. We strongly believe in contemporary learning methodologies. These methodologies have been tried and tested. Moreover, they have also been proven effective to make the child interested to learn English along with having fun. The natural way of speaking English is what we focus at Nirmiti Academy. We encourage children to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings in English, just the way they do in their mother tongue.

So, just don’t wait and get your children to speak English the way they have to!

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Online Spoken English Program for Students Batch 6 – July 2020

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