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Online Spoken English Program for Students – Batch 7 - July 2020

“Everyone should speak only in English. No speaking in Hindi.” As Indians, every student is familiar with this warning being uttered by their teachers in English medium schools. While the warning still exists, students prefer to convey their truest emotions and feelings through their mother tongue or the national language in Hindi only. One of the major reasons why most of the children find it difficult to express their truest feelings in English is because of the lack of encouragement or environment for the same. However, it is not easy to neglect the significance that English language holds in our daily lives.

Just as the colours are required to fill a painting, so is the importance of English language in our lives. Painting can still exist without vibrant colours but everyone would like a colourful world rather than a colourless universe. The importance of English language in our lives is also exactly in the same way.

Understanding this importance, parents try very hard to get their children too to realise the same. The major roadblocks for most of the children to communicate in English are either the fear of committing errors or being mocked at, or the fear of retribution.

The 7th batch of Online Spoken English Program for students at Nirmiti Academy aimed at helping this batch of young boys to overcome their fears and shyness of speaking in English. This program at Nirmiti Academy focused on building all the four macro skills of English language – listening, speaking, reading and writing. In English language, all these four skills hold equal worth. A student can have good communication and effective interpersonal skills only when these four major abilities seamlessly blend together.

Priyansh Raisinghani who joined us from Gujarat, took up this program in order to manage his daily English communication effectively and meaningfully with his friends, teachers and others in his social circle. In order to bring the best out of himself, he also joined the Online Public Speaking Program with Nirmiti Academy. This helped him to get the best of both worlds. The daily speaking activities with individual assessments helped him to understand his errors and accordingly correct them.

Manav Malik was another young participant from Gujarat who wanted to utilize the lockdown period in a meaningful manner before joining his new school in Pune. The group interactions and activities acted as a stress reliever for him. At the same time, it greatly helped him to overcome his fear of speaking publicly. The constant feedback and guidance on Grammar also gave him a clear direction of speaking in a flawless manner.

Rohan Veeraraghavan from Chennai decided to be a part of our Online Spoken English Program to improve his speaking skills along with his pronunciations. As he took up the Spoken English Program for 2 months, Nirmiti Academy helped him to work not only on his Speaking Skills, but also reading and listening skills. The fun-based learning approach created a sense of excitement in him to be constantly and actively involved in the sessions. His high level of active participation helped him to reap the best benefits of this program. The wide range of words and phrases learnt enabled him to relate them to his daily life situations.

Online Spoken English course will help your child with:

Learning English Grammar in an easy and fun manner

Effective communication with people

Suitable vocabulary as per child’s daily life situations

Improved conversational abilities

Constant virtual interaction with peers of similar age group

Individual assessments and detailed constructive feedback

The Online Spoken English Program at Nirmiti Academy adopts a holistic approach of training students in English language based upon all the four fundamental skills that are necessary for effective English communication. English language is the better way and the shortcut for you to reach your goal quickly and smartly. It was our pleasure to help these young children to become impressive and effective personalities in their life.

Use this opportunity to the best of your children’s abilities to make them better and confident English speakers.

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Online Spoken English Program for Students – Batch 7 - July 2020

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