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Online Spoken English Program for Students - Batch 8 - Nov 2020

English being a global language has, without a doubt, become an important aspect in choosing the fate of our students. Looking at the broad acceptance and understanding that this language has gathered around the world, be it a student’s pursuit of education, future career or as simple as his or her inclusion within society, the significant role English plays cannot be negated.

Speaking and understanding English implies that they can speak with a major chunk of people.

Nirmiti Academy conducted the 8th Batch of Online Spoken English for kids between 5 and 10 years of age. When attending school online sessions had become a major challenge for most of the children, Nirmiti Academy’s Online Spoken English came as a big boon and relief to all these little ones. Daily fun-filled learning sessions energized these kids to be an active participant in this program.

Being able to communicate in English is a life skill that every child needs to grasp in order to make their presence felt in social circles. Yet, the basic requirements of mastering it require a lot of efforts and have to be polished over years of trial and error. As English has now become the essential language of communication all over, the daily connect with the language becomes essential. Learning English and achieving fluency in it will assist the kidswith being more open to new individuals and societies and will without a doubt have more career openings in the future.

The Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy for kids is a great fun learning program which makes the journey of English learning an energizing and fascinating one. The profoundly interactive and fun – based exercises and activities create a comfortable and low-pressure learning environment for the kids. Hence, kids develop genuine interest in English instead of the one based on tests and exams. Moreover, situational vocabulary proves to be an incredibly valuable part as it equips the students with a variety of helpful words and effective phrases by the way of understanding their circumstances.

Lokesh Kolanu, a 10 year old from Telangana was one of the active participants in this batch of Spoken English. His objectives of joining Nirmiti Academy were to attain fluency in English along with overcoming the fear of speaking this foreign language. Having come from Telangana, the influence of the regional language was also one of the concerns with which Lokesh joined the program with us. Nirmiti Academy was happy to guide him in improving his pronunciation and sentence accuracy. Various kinds of interactive activities done on an individual basis as well as team basis helped him to get into the talking mode with all his batch mates. This program enabled him to throw away his fears of speaking English.

Sajith Puppala, a 7 year old boy from Visakhapatanam took up the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy for 3 months. He always wished to speak English fearlessly. Nirmiti Academy became the guiding force to enable smooth and confident English communication and conversations for him. The useful range of vocabulary, consisting of effective phrases and expressions, helped him to manage his conversations in the school effortlessly. The extended intervention of 3 months not just enhanced his speaking skills, but also his writing, reading and listening skills. Nirmiti Academy provided him the perfect platform to practise the speaking of English language without any difficulties.

A 7 year old girl from Delhi, Sansita Goyal could not have enjoyed the program more as it gave her the perfect experience of learning with enjoyment. After her sister, Pranya Goyal’s happy experience with Nirmiti Academy’s Online Public Speaking Program, the parents were equally happy to enrol their younger daughter, Sansita, into a useful program for her growth. As she began English learning journey with a lot of fear and apprehensions, the program ensured to ward off her fears and make the learning process an easier one filled up with a lot of fun. The Online Spoken English Program surprised her with a lot of fun learning sessions and friendly interactions with her batch mates.

Eesha Padhye was one of the youngest participants from Thane who joined the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy. The 5 year old girl was a tiny little packet of energy. Her interest and enthusiasm to learn English language made each day of the 3 months program an exciting one for her. This program turned out to be a highly effective one for her as it not only worked on her speaking skills, but also laid the foundations of reading along with letter identification and spellings.

Aayouni Donde, a 7 year old girl from Thane, began her English learning journey for 2 months with Nirmiti Academy. This program helped her to gain the right confidence to speak in English. Constant speaking interventions and related feedback guided her to handle her communication effectively. The situational vocabulary helped her to adopt a new and altogether different style of speaking English language with far more effective and better phrases. These fun-based sessions were great entertainers of her English learning.

The Online Spoken English Program of kids is a power-packed program with a bucket full of knowledge, learning, happiness and memories. The program helps the child to build all the four pillars of English language – speaking, reading, writing and listening. It also helps the child to overcome the fear of speaking English by providing a playful learning environment.

Nirmiti Academy plays an instrumental role in guiding children to become confident and efficient English speakers. The ESL method based activities conducted at Nirmiti Academy helps to create learning interest in young minds.The major objective of this program has always been to develop the child’s overall English language ability.

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Online Spoken English Program for Students - Batch 8 - Nov 2020

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