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Online Spoken English Program for Students - Batch 9 - Jan 2021

Regardless of what your plans for the future are, speaking English is always an incredibly useful skill to have. This is absolutely true for children. As they grow into adults, practising English language skills provides them with a platform to understand the world from a totally new perspective, urging them to accept new traditions and cultural nuances. English nurtures their feeling of compassion and understanding towards others at a crucial time in their growth and development, while also opening up new pathways to professional success in a globalized work environment.

Nirmiti Academy’s 9th Batch of Online Spoken English was attended by kids between 5 and 8 years of age. After long hours of school online sessions, children found this program to be an entertaining one. Learning and entertaining was a great relief for parents as well. Keeping kids focused throughout the sessions were always a concern for most of the parents.

Every parent wishes that their children should be able to speak in English fluently. In spite of learning English as an academic subject, children often fail to communicate or strike conversations with people around them in English. Here at Nirmiti Academy, kids learn how to freely express their thoughts and ideas in English language. It gives them the confidence to speak naturally.

The Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy for kids is an incredibly fun learning experience.The highly - interactive and fun – based exercises and activities make the learning easier for kids. Hence, kids take initiative to speak in English. Moreover, situational vocabulary proves to be a valuable part as it equips the students with a wide range of helpful words and effective phrases for their real-life situations.

Nayan Hiremath, a 6year old from Gulbarga is a student of National Public School. He joined the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy to overcome the fear of speaking in English. The play-way method of learning made it easier for him to understand and speak English. Nirmiti Academy mainly guided him in improving his pronunciation and sentence accuracy.Team activities helped him to easily interact with the other students in the batch.

Saanvit Ranjholkar, a 7 year old boy, was also our participant from National Public School, Gulbarga. He initially joined the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy for 2 months. The different way of teaching English language encouraged him to continue the program for another 2 months too. Nirmiti Academy was happy to see his transformation. His sentences are now getting refined and richer with the usage of a variety of words.

Advik Dixit, another 7 year old boy from Thane, had a great time with Nirmiti Academy through our Online Spoken English Program. After his brother Arsh Dixit, who joined us for Online Public Speaking Program, their parents wanted this learning to be experienced by their younger son, Advik too. He was always charged up for all the sessions and the activities made him more excited to learn this language from a different perspective altogether.

Pratham Sharma, a 7 year old boy from Delhi, began his learning journey with Nirmiti Academy through our Online Public Speaking Program for 2 months. After having some fun-learning there, he decided to take hisjourney forward with our Online Spoken English Program for a month. After developing the confidence to speak, it was time for him to refine his English language skills. Constant feedback on grammar and vocabulary helped him to better his sentence construction. The wide range of vocabulary with useful words and phrases made it easier for him to converse with his family, friends and acquaintances.

The Online Spoken English Program of kids is an energizing program with lots of new things to learn, new memories to make and happiness to spread. The program revolves around the development of all the four pillars of English language – speaking, reading, writing and listening. It also helps the child to look at English language from a whole new perspective.

Nirmiti Academy plays anindispensable role in the overall English language development of the children. The fun activities conducted at Nirmiti Academy are based upon internationally-accepted ESL methodology which helps to create an unending learning interest in these young kids throughout their learning journey.

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Online Spoken English Program for Students - Batch 9 - Jan 2021

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