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Online Spoken English Program for Students – Batches 10 and 11 – April 2021

There is no better chance to introduce English for children as in one’s childhood to begin learning English. With English being the world’s standard language, children should be given the prospect to learn English from their early ages. Such an early start is perfect when learning any language particularly one as perplexing as the English language because the knowledge learned can increase as the child develops and matures with age. Childhood is the ideal time to start learning English as it gives the child sufficient time to study and become familiar with all the aspects.

Interaction in English with people from different cultures and societies imparts social skills in kids during their developing years. The kids learn to either imitate or learn talking, pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence construction abilities which help them in their academics and daily conversations. As they grow older, they make use of the similar skill-sets to complete day-to-day tasks that include English and can talk fluent English whenever they want without mulling over their language.

Nirmiti Academy conducted the 10th and 11th Batches of Online Spoken English for kids between 5 and 12 years of age. During these summer holidays, Nirmiti Academy’s Online Spoken English Sessions had become a huge relief for most of these little ones. The fun packed sessions coupled with interactive activities was a driving factor for these kids to get actively involved in the sessions.

The ability to communicate in English has become a life skill for every child to make their presence felt in social circles. As English has now become the language of the world, the daily connect with the language becomes essential. It would be best for children to start learning English from a very young age. This familiarizes them more with the language.

The Online Spoken English Program for school students at Nirmiti Academy is carefully crafted and well-planned where children get the chance to learn English in a different and easy way. Hence, we make the most of it to fully realize and captivate their interest towards English language. Rather than learning random words from the dictionary, we help children to build their vocabulary by focusing on their real-life situations.

Hitansh Agarwal, an 8 year old boy from Thane never grew tired of practicing in our Spoken English sessions during his entire 3 months tenure with us. His sessions with us helped him to look at English language in a positive way and thus develop a liking towards this language. Individual and team-based activities ignited the competitive spirit in him to speak and perform well in this language. His sole objective of joining this program was to be expressive in English language and being able to communicate effortlessly with his teachers and friends. Nirmiti Academy was a guiding force to improve his pronunciation and sentence accuracy.

Reyaansh Chavan, a cute and talkative 6 year old boy from Thane, enjoyed the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy to its best for 3 months. Although he loved speaking, his sentences lacked the structure. The interesting games and activities helped him to learn a lot in English. Moreover, the fun learning style at Nirmiti Academy always excited the child to attend the sessions and develop a liking towards learning English.

Another boy from Thane, Shatrunjay Gadkari took utmost advantage of the program by working on his vocabulary and pronunciations. The interactive activities were the real boosters for him. It was such a perfect experience to share thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions on this platform with the expert guidance and feedback. Regular assessments and feedback were in fact the highlights of this program which threw light on his learning areas and helped him to better those through constant speaking interventions. This program laid the perfect foundation for him before joining the Online Public Speaking Program with us. Nirmiti Academy’s fun learning styles proved that language learning can be an easier process. It thus helped him to strike engaging and friendly conversations with his batch mates.

The Ranjholkar brothers, Saanvit and Yaksh from National Public School, Gulbarga joined the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy with great hopes and enthusiasm. The elder brother, Saanvit took a longer stint of the program for almost 6 months and thoroughly enjoyed the program with a greater understanding of English language. There was significant improvement in his interaction with his batch mates and led him to be a confident English speaker. The wide range of vocabulary taught at Nirmiti Academy helped him to use the words and phrases as per the situations in an appropriate manner. After seeing the transformation in the elder son, Saanvit’s parents later decided to enrol their younger son, Yaksh Ranjholkar into the same program to better his English Communication skills. He took tiny steps towards this learning process and the vocabulary done in the age appropriate manner helped him to handle his situations in the school online sessions very well.

Devansh Poddar, another young boy from Thane, joined Nirmiti Academy with the Online Spoken English Program to get familiar with the usage of English language. The fun-learning experience at Nirmiti Academy helped him to gain the confidence to express his thoughts and ideas freely. Freestyle conversation rounds enabled him to be more interactive with his batch-mates and thus improve his conversational abilities.

The only girl of this batch, Sanika Chauhan, got a wonderful opportunity to speak in English in this platform without the fear of being judged. The variety of words and phrases learnt at Nirmiti Academy improved her communication skills. The program helped her to also resolve her doubts related to English language.

We worked closely with these children to help them overcome their inhibitions of speaking English. Moreover, the fun-learning atmosphere at Nirmiti Academy gave children a wonderful learning experience which did not make them feel like they were learning. The innovative learning methods adopted here indeed helped children learn English naturally by focusing on emotions and actions.

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Online Spoken English Program for Students – Batches 10 and 11 – April 2021

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