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Online Spoken English Program for Students – June 2020

While the whole nation is under lockdown due to the pandemic Covid19, which has brought the whole world to a halt, everybody is busy bursting their brains about keeping themselves and their children occupied. This has become a real great challenge for all the parents. With no school, play dates or extracurricular exercises, there is a lot of free time to fill and “I am bored” is a frequently heard remark.

This is when virtual world has come as a saviour to all the parents and children. It has helped greatly not only to connect with people around us but also to gain skills and even study online. Online learning has now become the new normal of the country’s education sector.

Nirmiti Academy also embraced this new normal of online learning rapidly and helped the students to take a step towards self – education through virtual classes. The Online Spoken English Program of Nirmiti Academy happily continued its learning journey with kids even in the month of June.

Saswanth, a IV grade student of Yuva Bharathi Public School in Coimbatore joined the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy with a lot of zest and zeal. He enjoyed the interactive activities conducted for the fun learning of English. The diverse range of vocabulary was highly helpful as it gave him a lot of confidence to tackle his daily life situations. The ESL methodology based activities made English learning more fun. The stress free learning environment thus helped him to open up and express his thoughts and ideas freely in English. Constant assessments and constructive feedback thus helped him to focus on his areas of improvement.

Pranav, a VI grade student, studying in Shri Kumaran Children’s Home located in Bangalore, took utmost interest in the Online Spoken English Program. His enthusiasm and learning curiosity made his learning journey quite interesting. Different kinds of engaging and interactive activities helped him to learn English in the play – way method. The unique powerful introductions changed his style of introduction and made his communication more effective. The Spoken English Program enabled him to use different kinds of phrases in his daily life situations, rather than going monotonous.

Tarun Kaushik, a III grade student from Bangalore joined the Online Spoken English Program with high hopes of utilizing his lockdown boredom time in the most meaningful and effective manner. The program took him through knowing various grammar concepts, thus making his sentence construction far more effective. The program also helped him to be aware of various phrases and words to be used as per the situations faced. Moreover, the speaking activities simply made the learning more effective for him as it helped him to induce English communication and conversation in a natural manner.

Raffia, a 5 year old was another young participant of this batch who joined us from Delhi. She joined the Spoken English Program in order to get familiar with this foreign language. The listening and speaking activities helped her to get the right exposure to English. The activities enabled her to develop her comprehension skills of English language. The age appropriate activities and the individual feedback gave her the right guidance to understand and speak in English confidently. Simple sentence construction activities enabled her to take the first step towards confident English communication.

The main intention of the Online Spoken English Program of kids is to instil natural way of English communication in children. The stress free learning environment also helps the children to open up and express their thoughts, ideas and feelings freely in English. A strong foundation of the Grammar concepts is laid upon to enable the children to construct meaningful sentences. In addition to this, situational vocabulary made it easier for kids to use vibrant and impactful words and phrases as per their situations.

Online Spoken English course will help your child with:

Effortless and natural way of English communication

Conceptual understanding of English Grammar

Useful vocabulary catering to the daily life situations of a student

Better and improved conversational abilities

If your child is at a loose end, struggling to look for activities to utilize their free time in the meaningful manner, this is the perfect chance to invest your time and energy in order to help them develop the life skill of working on their English language. Nirmiti Academy provides such opportunities to children to develop their life skills in an experiential manner.

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Online Spoken English Program for Students – June 2020

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