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Online Spoken English for Students - Batch 13 - Aug 2021

Are you very ambitious about your kids? Would you like them to pursue their dreams with confidence? English plays a vital role in everybody’s life which cannot be negated. Whatever be our future goals, whether it is to choose our stream of education or growing in our career, the vital role of English language cannot be ignored.

In order to gain fluency in English, one needs to develop all the four pillars of English language – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

If you wish to see your children participate in various competitions held in the school, you need to give them the right exposure to communicate in English language with others.

Nirmiti Academy successfully conducted the 13th Batch of Online Spoken English for kids between 6 and 13 years of age. To make English language learning an interesting experience as well as different from school learning, parents decided to enrol their children with Nirmiti Academy. The Online Spoken English Program helped the children to adapt to the Grammar concepts quite easily in the fun way without having the burden of learning the rules like formulae. These little ones always looked forward to the session each day because of the fun-filled activities and English learning games.

Having strong English communication skills is an essential life skill that every child must develop to feel included in the society. A lot of efforts are required to master this language. English can only be polished over years of trial and error. It is necessary to have a daily connect with this language if you wish to break the barriers of English speaking.

The Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy for kids focuses on the play-way method of learning English language, thus making the learning experience an interesting and energizing one. Highly interactive and fun – based activities help to create a comfortable and low-pressure learning environment for the kids. This allows the kids to develop genuine interest to learn English. Vocabulary focusing on the school related situations makes it easier for the kids to carry out their communication and conversations quite smoothly and efficiently.

Kiaan, a 6-year-old cute little boy from Thane, joined the Online Spoken English Program to work on his English language skills at various levels. Being in the beginning years of his school life, he struggled a lot to understand the words and their sounds. However, the focused approach of English teaching helped him to get a major part of this issue resolved. Upon the completion of the 3 months program with Nirmiti Academy, Kiaan was able to start reading and understanding 3 and 4 letter words. He was also able to interact confidently in English language with his peer group.

Saanvi Sanka, a smart and talkative 8 year – old girl from Hyderabad, took up the 2 months program of Online Spoken English with Nirmiti Academy. As she began the program, she had a lot of fear in her mind to speak in English even with her friends at school. The daily practice sessions of English speaking at Nirmiti Academy along with the guided approach of learning English language helped her to confidently express her thoughts and ideas in English. It became easy for her to converse in English with much confidence because of the friendly environment and close interaction with co-participants of similar age.

Nibhish Gupta, another young and smart 9 year old boy from Mumbai, took great interest to learn English at Nirmiti Academy. The interesting range of activities was the motivating factor for Nibhish to attend the sessions regularly. Videos, stories, games, activities, freestyle conversations etc. really made this program an exciting and interesting journey for him. The learning program of 3 months was loaded with ESL based Grammar learning, situational vocabulary for school – related situations and various interactive activities.

Ashwath Ponraj, an 8 year-old boy from Singapore, began this learning journey with Nirmiti Academy after his sister, Rinitha, underwent a Public Speaking Program here at Nirmiti Academy. Being an international student, it was mandatory for him to develop his English-speaking skills. He also needed to work on his pronunciations. Regular interaction with his batchmates and the trainer made the learning process an easier one for him, thus keeping him engaged and interested to attend the sessions.

Aryan Varfa, an 8th grade student from Thane, decided to take up the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy due to not having the right English-speaking environment at home or at school. The activities done here along with the timely feedback and guidance acted as a constant reminder to correct his errors and improve his English communication. After undergoing the program for almost 2 months, he not only went the extra mile to improve his English – speaking skills, but also made new friends and bettered his English conversations by interacting with them daily.

The Online Spoken English Program of kids is a transformational program with loads of fun, memories, love, knowledge, and learning. The experiential learning at Nirmiti Academy helps the children get a closer look at their real-life challenges. This way they accept their mistakes in English language more willingly than they otherwise would. English language learning is all about speaking, reflecting, redoing and modifying. There is no endpoint to this.

Nirmiti Academy’s Online Spoken English Program is a program that empowers and nurtures children to become better English speakers in future. It incorporates focused learning based on interest, creative thinking and knowledge of English language with hands – on speaking practice.

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Online Spoken English for Students - Batch 13 - Aug 2021

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