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Online Spoken English Program for Women – July 2020

“Some women fear the fire, some women simply become it.”- R.H.Sin
Women are strong, determined and intelligent and they care what other people think of them. You would be the kind of woman who always puts her best foot forward. So, putting the English – speaking version of yourself ‘out there’ can be sometimes quite fearful. Don’t you often feel overwhelmed at times when you try to communicate with others in English?

It is a notable fact that education, skill-building and the way in which we communicate can help with our confidence and self-esteem. This can however be utilized to begin and develop a promising career. For women, learning English has the potential to connect them with the fast changing contemporary culture and the opportunity to seek interests outside of their families. Today, being able to communicate well in English can go a long way regarding personal growth. Not only for homemakers, but for everyone!

Nirmiti Academy took immense pleasure in successfully conducting the third batch of Spoken English Program for a group of women who joined us from different parts of India. It didn’t matter where they were from, or how far away they were from the trainer. Our Online Learning Program allowed our learners to connect with each other, interact effectively and practise English communication on a daily basis.

Kshama Singh Rai, a homemaker from Jalandhar started off her journey with Nirmiti Academy by enrolling herself for a short program of 10 days. However, the teaching style and methods along with the effectiveness of the content impressed her to such an extent that she never stopped her learning with us for 3 months. The academy was proud to see the transformation of Kshama over a period of 3 months. She utilized this platform to practise her English communication with a great amount of commitment and dedication.

Shruti Paratkar was another homemaker from Thane who took English learning as a challenge in order to be successful in her life. As she came to the Mayanagari after her marriage, it became extremely important for her to learn English in order to create a mark in her life and also to master in her aspiring career. The 3 months program of Spoken English helped her to get a feeling of self-satisfaction as she could fearlessly express her thoughts in English. She was happy to surround herself with women who had the same goals as she had. The constant speaking interventions and intensive application based Grammar helped her to become a confident English speaker. The regular conversations provided her the platform to experience English and not learn English.

Shailza Sharma also was another homemaker from Himachal Pradesh who approached Nirmiti Academy with the sole aim of laying a foundation to her dreams and aspirations. The situational words and phrases were extremely useful to work on her English communication. The conversational activities like Role-plays and several other interactive activities helped to bring the best out of her in form of framing grammatically correct sentences and practising the usage of varied and vivid vocabulary, suiting the situations.

Karishma Momaya, a Yoga enthusiast and graduation student from Mumbai joined the Online Spoken English Program at Nirmiti Academy for 2 months. She got to experience the best of both worlds, by being in a women’s batch for the first month and continuing the program for the second month in a mixed batch of students and professionals. Her primary objective of taking up this program was to overcome her fear of English communication and better her conversational skills. She utilized this program as a platform to openly express her views and ideas in English with the appropriate usage of words and phrases. Moreover, the detailed constructive feedback based upon the speaking assessments gave a clear direction of her areas of improvement.

This Online Spoken English Program for women at Nirmiti Academy provided platform for women across the country to connect and practise speaking English with the right guidance and feedback. The sessions were highly interactive as we helped each other to build confidence, make new friends and talk about the important things in life.

Our Online Spoken English Course will help you with:

Easier sentence construction

Better use of vocabulary as per the situations

Improved and meaningful conversations

Effective and fearless English communication

Nirmiti Academy is proud to bring the best out of the individuals by closely working with them, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and thus expanding their true potential. The individual feedback and assessments along with a daily practise of English speaking is just the right support for English learners to enhance their communication. The daily dose of speaking makes them confident and helps them to stay connected with English language, thus making it easier for them to handle their personal and professional situations without much worry or fear.

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Online Spoken English Program for Women – July 2020

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