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Online Spoken English - Students - Batch 4 - June'20

English plays a pivotal role in student’s life today. She may not be the most spoken and prevalent language however, it still is the official language of more than 50 countries across the world. As much as it has gained a ‘necessary status’ for business professionals, it is indeed a valuable skill to cultivate and master if you are a student of today’s educational standards.

Yes, it can create and open several opportunities for a child who is stepping onto his academic ladder year on year. Learning English from your child’s formative schooling years will give him access to plethora of website and educational resources. With India boasting of 50% of its population below the age of 25 and 65% below the age of 35, the young millennial parents have crossed borders multiple times for their career aspirations and goals. Hence, the children of such young parents get exposure of diverse cultures and languages from an early childhood. English plays an essential part of growing up in such diverse upbringing too.

Formative years of a child upto the age of 8 – 10 sees a rapid growth in his cognitive, social, physical, emotional, creative, speech and language development. As much as the educators should help children to learn key skills during this age, it is parents and caregivers to primarily develop a sense of good learning for their children.

With the avalanche of Online learning tools during the Lockdown period, it has become easier to find varied and effective learning methods for your children. Nirmiti Academy is a guiding force to many such aspirations of parents and children in providing Online Learning in speaking English confidently and accurately. With varied learning options and methods, children have seen improvement in their speech, confidence and comfort with this language.

Our 4th batch of Online Spoken English program for School students with young guns aiming at better English was truly a memorable experience! One of our young participant, Arjun SD, a Class 4 student of Model School Hyderabad, joined Nirmiti Academy with an objective to enhance his speaking as well as English skills. After pursuing the early introductory batch of Public Speaking, he began his journey as a true English speaker. He really worked hard in cultivating excellence in both the program’s assessments.

While Ayush Thakur joined from Malad Mumbai, Karthik joined from the lake city of Thane, Mumbai for the same program. Where Ayush tried his best to cope up with the programs along with your academic responsibilities, he still managed to learn and contribute to class discussions and assignments on time. On the other hand, Karthik Mathangi benefited largely with continuous feedback and guidance. His abrupt and incorrect sentence formation was then resolved with daily practice and interactions.

Darshana, a student of T.I. Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Tamil Nadu came along with bouquet of aspirations. She was encouraged to work on her vocabulary and grammar through varied interactive exercises held in online learning sessions. The program provided a platform for her to bring ease in her speaking abilities.

The Online Spoken English program of Nirmiti Academy has been crafted in such a way that it helps the child to develop his speaking, reading, writing and understanding of the language through interactive ESL – based activities. Although it’s primary focus is to improve the accuracy and fluency of their English language, it develops respect and love towards this language.

Above all, Nirmiti Academy’s Spoken English program for school students attains the following objectives:

It augments his language learning experience

It corrects and creates a strong foundation

It enables the child to find his voice and make him more responsive

It brings overall development in his Personality

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Online Spoken English - Students - Batch 4 - June'20

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