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Online Spoken English Program for Women - Batch 1 – April 2020

“If you educate a woman, you educate a nation”

Education is the single most crucial and essential means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills, aptitudes and self-confidence to contribute meaningfully to the futures of their families and to their close fraternities.

Managing marriage and motherhood are the biggest challenges in the life of a woman as they become the factors which decide the rate of career success of women. Women need strong support systems which can enable more and more homemakers and mothers to kick-start their career after they have married or had a baby.

When women do not have the time to gain new skills to develop themselves and to advance their careers, online learning comes as a great relief for them. Nirmiti Academy proudly launched the Online Spoken English Program for women all across India in April 2020. The program provides all those benefits that a woman needs as per her daily life situations and that too at her doorstep. With the lack of other effectively accessible sources of education and re – skilling, most women have no option but to depend on Online Programs to up - skill themselves during the ‘Me’ time spent at home. Nirmiti Academy facilitates women to work closely on empowering themselves with the skills that they require to be a confident version of themselves before their families and the society.

The ongoing Online Spoken English Program for women that rolled out in April 2020 became a huge hit as women from different parts of the country joined hands to better their English language skills.

The program started with three women from Jalandhar, Pune and Thane respectively while today, this is the most sought – after batch for women. Keeping post lunch sessions have given them a well balanced opportunity that they can prioritise and make a difference to their overall Personality.

Kshama Singh Rai, a homemaker from Jalandhar always dreamt of learning English in order to overcome her difficulties of English communication. As a mother and homemaker, her daily life situations forced her to speak in English which left her in a dilemma. She however was happy to be trained with Nirmiti Academy as the Online Spoken English Program of Nirmiti Academy helped her to come out of this dilemma and gave her the right confidence to speak in English with focus on Grammar basics and situational vocabulary from a homemaker’s point of view.

Pragati Ahire was another homemaker from Pune who joined Nirmiti Academy with the dream of securing a job in Pune. Her English communication barriers stood in the path of finding a suitable job for her. Hence, her strong determination to learn to speak English brought her to Nirmiti Academy’s Online Spoken English Program. This program however worked from the scratches to build up her English language skills. The grammar basics and the situational vocabulary were the enablers for her to begin constructing the sentences. The knowledge of the concepts and the continuous practice of these concepts gave her the confidence to construct the sentences.

Suchita Somani, was another homemaker from Thane who has always been a part of Nirmiti Academy in taking up several programs for both her sons. The newly launched Online Spoken English Program of Nirmiti Academy was extremely convenient for her to take up the learning program for herself. Her hurdle was to communicate in English in spontaneous situations with different kinds of people. The rigorous and intensive Speaking Practices offered in the Online Spoken English Program of Nirmiti Academy allowed her to speak in an effective manner with different groups of audience. The daily interaction with the batch gave her the platform to express her thoughts and ideas in English fluently.

Our Online Spoken English Course will help you with:

Ability to construct sentences effectively and meaningfully

Ease and comfort to communicate with others in English

Better conversational skills

Perfect vocabulary for your daily life situations

Nirmiti Academy plays an indispensable role in providing the right guidance and instilling the best confidence to help women in their transformational journey. All the interactive activities conducted in the online Spoken English program develop your speaking skills without creating any further hassles.

Being the role models and first teachers to their children, we are extremely happy to schedule ongoing sessions of Nirmiti Academy’s Online Spoken English for women to get them confident, improve their language delivery and develop their overall Personality.

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Online Spoken English Program for Women - Batch 1 – April 2020

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