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Online Spoken English Program for Women - Batch 2 – May 2020

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela

As Nelson Mandela rightly said, education is indeed the key for women to achieve economic independence. In the modern society that we find ourselves in, knowing English as a language is fast becoming a necessity. We cannot simply deny or ignore the importance of English language in our lives.

The knowledge of English and the ability to speak in English makes the women feel confident and proud of themselves. This confidence would give them the strength to overcome the challenges in their life as a woman.

In today’s fast-moving modern society where nobody has time for anybody, women have the best opportunity to up-skill themselves through Online Learning options. Online learning helps women to empower themselves with the right knowledge just at the benefit of being at home.

When Nirmiti Academy launched the Online Spoken English Program for women all across India in April 2020, women took part in the program in large numbers. This led to the formation of and the need for the second batch of Online Spoken English for women. As the program provides all those benefits that a woman needs as per her daily life situations, every woman looked forward to this program as a great and useful resource along with providing the perfect platform for them for better and effective communication and interaction in English. We believe in empowering women by way of exploring their true potentials and evolve them into winning personalities in their life.

Online Spoken English Program for women, being the most sought-after program by women and their families, the program continued to grab attention from women even in May 2020. Five such women from different parts of Pune joined Nirmiti Academy in May 2020.

Kanak Anurag Tiwari, a well-experienced Hindi teacher in a leading residential school in Pune could not master in English the same way as she could in Hindi. As the famous quote by Charlemagne goes, “To have another language is to possess a second soul” Kanak was in the quest to get her second soul. Her dedication and commitment towards English learning helped her to improve significantly in her English Language skills. The Online Spoken English Program of Nirmiti Academy largely benefitted her to communicate fearlessly in English as it provided the perfect platform of communication to her. The interactive speaking activities and the constructive feedback shared with her to work on her English speaking skills. This program also helped her to un/erstand the important concepts of Grammar which helped her to construct meaningful and grammatically correct sentences.

Prachi Prasade was another homemaker from Pune who started off this program with a lot of fear in her mind. Her lack of confidence to speak English never let her speak a word in English. Hindi or Marathi always remained her preferable language when it came to expressing her ideas or thoughts. The consistent daily speaking practice along with strong foundations of English Grammar helped her to gradually use English language. The interaction and communication with the fellow women in the batch helped her to a large extent to overcome the barrier of speaking English language. The knowledge of Grammar basics along with the situational vocabulary gave her the confidence to construct sentences.

Gauri Deshpande, a Marathi TV Artist and a student in Pune joined the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy as she felt the need to know English in order to prosper in her industry along with being successful in her academics. Though Gauri enrolled herself for a short term program with Nirmiti Academy due to her time restraints, the program still imparted her lot of knowledge about English language. The basic concepts of English Grammar along with the application of it helped Gauri to get a better understanding about English language. The speaking activities benefitted her to practice English communication which helped her to share her thoughts, views and opinions in English.

Sharwari Mane, a Kathak dancer from Pune decided to utilize her lockdown period by joining the Online Spoken English with Nirmiti Academy. While she amazed us with her topic presentations and her experiences, Nirmiti Academy’s Online Spoken English Program was a great learning platform for her as it helped her to reflect her errors and areas of improvement. It also enabled her to speak English freely in order to convey her feelings or express her views and opinions. The highly interactive activities along with Grammar basics helped her to achieve her target of speaking English confidently.

Gayatri Zagde was also another Kathak dancer and student from Pune who joined the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy in order to refine her English speaking skills. Although she was a fine English speaker, the lack of English speaking environment failed to give her the right and continuous practice needed to stay connected with the language in the same flow. Nirmiti Academy’s Online Spoken English Program gave her one such platform to practice her speaking and develop her communication skills in a far more effective manner. The topic presentations and the conversational activities let her express her thoughts and her ideas in English language.

Our Online Spoken English Course will help you with:

Meaningful construction of sentences

Situational vocabulary to suit your daily life situations

Fearless and confident communication in English

Better conversational skills

Nirmiti Academy believes in bringing out your true potentials and developing it in order to create a confident and better version of yourself. The continuous support and guidance ensures that the individual develops their speaking skills, thus making them capable to take the conversation ahead with people in English.

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Online Spoken English Program for Women - Batch 2 – May 2020

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