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Online Spoken English for School students Batch 5 - June 2020

With educational patterns changing rapidly around the world and the world being accessible at few clicks through Online learning mode, speaking English plays a significant role in student’s life today. Where the student picks up language skills at home through nurture and nature, English language takes up an alien outlook for many non-native speaker parents. After Mandarin and Spanish, English is the 3rd official and most spoken language in the world. Hence, it gains importance and urgency to be proficient in this language.

As far as educational systems are concerned, a child may still pick up writing and comprehension skills in this language through his academics. However, his speaking and responding skills take a backseat due to the peer pressure, mother tongue influence, culture and environment in which he is brought up and other social influences. Till the child graduates to his secondary section, his academics take up a lion’s share in his day and ‘speaking English’ fluently and confidently becomes a luxury. As per the four stages of Cognitive development in a child, age group of 7 – 11 are the years where a child begins to understand thoughts, feelings and get more aware of external events. A right time to kickstart multiple skills exposure to influence the child’s cognition and grey matter. From age 11, they start planning for their future and may realise that global opportunities await wherein, he needs highly developed language competencies.

In these formative years, a child develops his cognitive, social, physical, emotional, creative, speech and language skills. If he gets the right exposure to English language during this age, he cultivates ‘valuable skills’ to interact, respond, assert and negate in far refined ways in this language. As much as the educators and academicians help children to learn key skills during this age, it is parents and caregivers to primarily develop a sense of good learning, love and acceptance of this language in their children.

Will they go distant from their roots, culture or their traditional language? Not at all. Science proves that a child can gain conversational fluency in three languages simultaneously. In fact, it can create and open several competitive opportunities for a child who is stepping onto his academic ladder year on year. With cross-border deputation projects on rise, children get into a nomadic culture and explore international schooling opportunities where Learning English takes an ‘essential status’ in early childhood.

The world has seen a sea-change in the learning methodology and Online learning has become the ‘new normal’ for children, professionals, businesses and institutions across the world. This change was positively ingrained in the methodology of Nirmiti Academy. Our trainers at Nirmiti Academy are sensitized to the fine balance required to make online learning experience quite engaging and challenging at the same time. This brings the best out of a student and gets him out of his comfort zone. We have infused varied experiential techniques to improve their speech skills and confidence through well-crafted and customised trainings.

Our 5th batch of Online Spoken English program for School students received appreciation and participation from varied states of India and Dubai. One of our young participant, Dhina Fathima, a Class 4 student from United Arab Emirates (UAE), joined Nirmiti Academy with an objective to bring comfort in speaking English language and interact confidently. Her brother, too, joined our esteemed Public Speaking program to prepare him for competitive speaking and stage performances. She really worked hard in cultivating ease and accuracy through varied assessments.

The siblings, Anish Parikhi and Anushka Parikhi, came from a Marathi speaking household in Ahmednagar however, had gigantic aspirations to excel in academic and professional career streams identified at such a nascent age. Anish from Bhausaheb Firodiya High School had dream to become an IAS officer and was well aware of the importance of English language in competitive examinations. He benefited largely through grammar fluency and speaking assessments. His sister, Anushka too enjoyed participating in varied topic speaking activities and games conducted for improving her conversational abilities.

Arav Sharma, a student from Chandigarh came along with bouquet of aspirations as well as passion to speak and perform. He firstly focused on increasing his accuracy and interactive quotient in English language. Within no time, he was ready with zeal to expand his horizons and take up new program in speaking skills. He was positively inclined towards strengthening his base and build greater ease in this language.

The Online Spoken English program of Nirmiti Academy has been crafted to ensure holistic development in a child’s speaking, reading, writing and understanding of the English language through well curated interactive ESL – based activities. Although it’s primary focus is to improve the accuracy and fluency of their English language, it develops one’s confidence, respect and overall personality of a child.

Above all, Nirmiti Academy’s Spoken English program for school students attains the following learning objectives:

It cultivates a strong base and reinforces language concepts

It augments his language learning experience

It professes outspoken and interactive traits from the 1st day of the program

It enables the child to find his voice and make him more responsive

It brings overall development in his Personality

It smoothens the challenges faced in any school interaction

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Online Spoken English for School students - June 2020

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