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Online Spoken English Program Students - Batch 2 - May 2020

As lockdown, quarantine and self-isolation becomes the new normal of the society, educational institutions across the country are feeling the heat of the unprecedented crisis. In the current situation where everyone is locked inside their homes, online programs became a blessing in disguise for many people. Nirmiti Academy took its best foot forward to uphold the value of imparting knowledge and transforming lives even during the unprecedented days of crisis. Our Online Spoken English programs came as a big boon to help students to stay connected to English language.

Overworked parents have considered this lockdown period as the golden opportunity for making their children learn English and better their communication skills through online programs. As English has now become the primary language of communication everywhere, the daily connect with the language becomes essential. Learning English and achieving fluency in it will help the children to be more open to new people and cultures and will undoubtedly have more career opportunities in the future.

The Online Spoken English of Nirmiti Academy for kids got an overwhelming response from people. Hence, we proudly opened our new batch of Online Spoken English Program for kids in April 2020 and brought it to closure in May 2020.

The Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy for kids is a fun learning program which makes the journey of English learning an exciting and interesting one. The highly interactive and fun – based activities create a comfortable and low-pressure learning environment for the kids. Hence, kids develop genuine interest in English rather than the one based on tests and exams. Moreover, situational vocabulary proves to be an extremely useful part as it equips the students with a variety of useful words and effective phrases by the way of understanding their situations.

Akshanth, an 8-year old from Chennai was one of the youngest participants in this batch of Spoken English. He joined Nirmiti Academy with the objectives of attaining fluency in English along with overcoming the fear of speaking this foreign language. Having come from Chennai, the influence of the regional language was also one of the concerns with which Akshanth joined the program with us. Nirmiti Academy was happy to be his guiding force in learning and speaking English language. Various kinds of activities done on an individual basis as well as team basis created high levels of competitive spirit within him which helped him to communicate English freely and fearlessly with his batch mates and the trainers. This led him to become a confident English Speaker and also enabled him to throw away his fears of speaking English.

Naziya was another student from Chennai who had completed her 11th and wanted to utilize her vacation in an effective and fruitful manner. She joined Nirmiti Academy to primarily work on her English communication skills and pronunciations. The short term program of Online Spoken English helped Naziya to practice English speaking on a daily basis. She was actively involved in various interactive activities which helped her to develop her communication skills. Nirmiti Academy provided her the right exposure and platform to practise the speaking of English language without any difficulties. Continuous feedback and guidance from the trainers helped her to focus on her areas of improvement and thus work towards it. Undergoing the program was however a joyful experience for her.

A young and smart boy from Thane, Khushal Damke could not have enjoyed the program more as it gave him the perfect experience of learning with joy and technique. Nirmiti Academy was also happy to provide him the platform to showcase his talents. As Khushal surprised us with his record of solving the Rubik’s Cube, Nirmiti Academy’s Online Spoken English Program surprised him back with a bunch of fun learning interactive activities along with Grammar and Interesting Vocabulary suitable to his academic situations.

Siddesh Mathangi was also one of the talented participants from Thane who joined the Online Spoken English Program with Nirmiti Academy. Though Siddesh began his English learning journey with a lot of fear in speaking the language, the play-way methods and fun way of learning English Grammar made him enjoy the sessions and become more comfortable in the language. This program was highly effective for him as it not only worked on building up his confidence, but also provided him with a strong base of vocabulary along with the situational examples and continuous practice of those.

Two of the students came to us with great learning appetite. For them, age was just a number! Nived Deepak, a young Class 3 student from Thane joined Nirmiti Academy’s Online Spoken English program to revise his Grammar concepts and practice speaking English on a daily basis during the lockdown period. His mother had also enrolled him with an objective to prepare him with Online learning experience well before the Online Schooling sessions to be started in June. Interactive activities and speaking opportunities to showcase his undying passion in Origami art.

Viraaj Rai, a tiny yet dynamic participant from Jalandhar joined Nirmiti Academy for the Online Spoken English Program. Nirmiti Academy helped Viraaj to build a strong foundation of English language by making him understand the important concepts of English Grammar along with a daily practice of English speaking. The situational vocabulary helped him to adopt a new style of speaking English language with far more effective and better phrases. As the interactive activities helped him to have fun, he never stopped learning through these fun based activities.

The Online Spoken English Program of kids comes with a bucket full of knowledge, learning, happiness and memories. The program helps the child to develop his / her communication skills by way of several interactive activities. It also enables the child to overcome the fear of speaking English by providing a comfortable and playful learning environment

Online Spoken English course will help your child with:

Fearless and confident English communication

Strong foundation of English Grammar

Enriched and new set of vocabulary

Improved conversational ability

Nirmiti Academy plays a pivotal role in guiding children to become confident and efficient English speakers. All the activities conducted at Nirmiti Academy are based on internationally accepted ESL methodology. Primary focus is to develop the child’s overall English language ability through joyful and experiential learning methods.

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Online Spoken English Program Students - Batch 2 - May 2020

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