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Online Youth Leadership Program – Batch 1 – India and Malaysia - Dec 2020 - Jan 2021

When we talk about Leadership, we see someone who is much older, wiser and more experienced in his or her career. We may also get a visual of someone who works with a prime position at a workplace with a large reporting structure. Gone are those days where leadership was synonymous to only workplace roles. Today’s competitive and ever-changing world has brought in multi-faceted challenges, expectations and opportunities in the lives of young kids in equal measure.

Right after primary years of schooling, the child is taken by a storm of responsibilities – a school captain, a class monitor or representative, a senate member, a coordinator, project leader, etc. Rather than having several questions such as ‘Is my child ready for that? Or Is it too soon?’, taking a deliberate approach to teach your child to take responsibilities will certainly develop leadership skills in him from early age. Most of the parents take steps to teach kids to learn to play an instrument or chess, ride a bike or take swimming lessons but not many really talk about growing leaders from this young age.

Lots of laborious love and detailing gave rise to an over-the-top experience - ‘Youth Leadership program’ on 21st December 2020. Nirmiti Academy started the 1st ever batch of Youth Leadership program for the age group of 09 – 13 years old. Through this program, Nirmiti Academy mentors students and equips them with positive attitude and growth mindset, nurture right thinking skills to accept failures and create innovative solutions, groom them with right social and professional etiquettes, bring out their confident traits and increase their focus in achieving goals – in sort, we encourage and instill essential life skills in your child.

Reflective exercises and activities were planned throughout these 5 weeks to make the children more aware of his/ her leadership needs. Sriraj and Janeesa, 13-year-olds from Malaysia, were ready to adopt these skills to become more aware of their strengths and build on leadership values. The first challenge was to help them to find their own voice. Right from unique introductions to solving a problem at hand, we involved them in interactive exercises. While Siraj could utilize his know-how in using Canva application in making creative posters, Janeesa brought a mature take and a unique perspective to all the group discussions. Finding joy in their speech and mind was the first step towards leadership!

Devananda, another 13-year-old from Hyderabad, was an extremely shy and quiet person at the start. With immersive exercises and feedback, she was able to open up and participate in roleplays and discussions. She utilized her strength in making creative posters and tools to bring out concepts of good manners and etiquette. Her involvement in Etiquette energizer was a turning point in her accepting leadership role. She went on to open up and find solutions to certain behaviors and personality traits such as jealousy, bullying, lazy outlook, etc. She benefited immensely out of the program and aspires to upskill herself in core Public Speaking course of Nirmiti Academy after her exams. In her kind words, “I had lots of fun throughout the programme. I learned many new things. I really enjoyed doing role plays and also many problem-solving skills which were very useful. I hope I can use the leadership skills and etiquette in my life. I am very grateful to Dipti Ma’am for her guidance. Thank you.”

Arya B, a 13-year-old- student from Pune, was truly a committed and resilient student of Nirmiti Academy. His journey began with us from Level 1 program of Online Public Speaking. With Level 1 and 2, he sharpened his speaking skills and developed confidence. Topic speaking know-how, improved body language and creative tools of presentation were the learning outcomes of his zeal and dedication. With Youth Leadership program, he aspired to improve his behavior and communication skills along with right attitude and emotional makeup. His testimonial is an outlay of his soul and mind and shows how much he enjoyed and gained out the series of programs with Nirmiti Academy. In his appreciative words…

*My journey with Nirmiti academy* I attend three programs with Nirmiti academy. My first is about *Public Speaking* secondly, *Presentation skills* and my third is *Youth Leadership Program*. I have done my all three programs with Dipti miss and Ruchi miss. In my first program means public speaking I learn Communication skill, Powerful introduction, speaking technique and confident body language. In my second program means presentation skills I learn how to make powerful PowerPoint presentation, how to note down points of books which are read by me, and how to do chart work. Now my youth leadership program is going on. In which I am learning manners, how to behave in various types of conditions, and in these days I am learning emotional scenes. Because of all this programs my communication skills, confidence, behaviour, and emotions are improved. Thanks to *Nirmiti* *academy* and special thanks to *Dipti miss* and *Ruchi miss* for teaching me how to behave in society.👍👍Arya Bhalerao .

Youth Leadership program starts with becoming more aware of yourself as a potential leader. It reaps long-lasting benefits in your children mainly:

Builds growth mindset and right attitude

Aids confidence to deal with varied situations and problems

Helps in paving right etiquette and mannerisms

Navigates your child through unmanageable emotions and resulting behaviors.

Strengthens his communication and people skills

Creates a road map as a leader in his school or community

Developing leadership skills is one of the most important milestones in the upbringing of your children. Investing a little time, efforts and due support as a parent brings a sea-change in the child’s potential as a confident personality in academics and society at large. Nirmiti Academy is extremely proud to help children with leadership skills so that they perform better in school and develop solid relationships in their lives. Youth Leadership program prepares younger minds to become better leaders for tomorrow in small yet significant ways.

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Online Youth Leadership Program – Batch 1 – India and Malaysia - Dec 2020 - Jan 2021

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