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Online Youth Leadership Program – Batch 2 – US, India, Singapore, Africa and Dubai

Leadership Skills allow a child to take lead position and make things happen. They learn to take responsibilities much earlier in their lives. They feel more confident to stand up for their rights, express their ideas or views, make their way through conflicts and take appropriate decisions. Not surprisingly, as they reach the end of their primary education and foray into middle school, they become more interested in leading and taking charge of certain duties in schools.

Typically, they start working towards grasping opportunities to become a school caption, house captain, school prefect, Head boy or girl, etc. The word ‘Leader’ or ‘Leadership’ are so spoken easily that very few understand that it is not about a position or power given in the hands of a child to manage a certain role or class. It is building that innate ability to influence and bring people together to work for a common objective. Nirmiti Academy’s Youth Leadership program builds that trajectory for each child to reach his destination.

The words ‘leader’ and ‘leadership’ are spoken so easily that very few truly understand what they actually mean. Many confuse leadership with position or power. However, in children, leadership tends to indicate the innate ability of a child to gather different people and help everyone work together towards a singular goal.

Our 2nd batch of Youth Leadership program started on 13th January with a bang! This program opened doors to students from varied countries – The US, Dubai, Singapore, Africa and India. This program took a deliberate and a more scientific approach to sensitize each child of the importance and the need of developing leadership and life skills at such an early age!

Under the guidance and mentorship of Dipti Deepak, Nirmiti Academy’s Founder Director, the students were at their biggest high while learning to differentiate themselves with each skill – regulate their emotions, set themselves out of their comfort zone, nurture positive mindset, apply problem-solving techniques to real life situations, build confidence and express their ideas freely, and more… in short, Youth Leadership program sensitizes and facilitates positive change in their perspectives, values and behavior.

Parents bring up their children in an environment enriched with many opportunities to hone their kinesthetic, linguistic, and numerical skills but many neglect the need to equip them with leadership skills that makes them face situations in an appropriate manner. Today’s competitive and ever-changing world has brought in multi-faceted challenges, expectations and opportunities and the child is expected to cope up with such problems and demands at hand. The 2nd batch of Youth Leadership was curated to accentuate the skills and the right attitude in each child.

Angira, a student from Kerala, India joined our program with an objective to bring change in her overall personality. Roleplays and other reflective exercises prepared her to express her thoughts openly. She also went onto pursing Public Speaking program to enhance her speaking skills as part of program design. Parent in her own words writes, ‘This course definitely helps kids improve communication and help them to structure their speech.’ In fact, she went on to suggesting that more classes be added to the curriculum to get maximum benefits and ensure shift in behaviors.

Shubh G, a student from Singapore was excited to kickstart this journey with Leadership skills. While Shubh took a while to understand the importance of leadership traits, he evolved with every discussion and activity. His unique perspectives were brought to every poster presentation. He participated in thoughtful discussions to bring out solutions towards real-time issues faced by students. He was further groomed in Public Speaking skills to be confident communicator. On the other hand, Bhavya H, a student from Africa came across shy and preferred to speak minimum in the first few sessions. With conscious steps in drawing reflections from mind map exercises, roleplays and group interactions, he benefited immensely out of the Leadership program. He, too, went onto building his confidence in Public Speaking program.

Devansh G, a student from Thane, India, was truly a committed and resilient student of Nirmiti Academy. His journey began with us from Level 1 program of Online Public Speaking. With Level 1 and 2, he sharpened his speaking skills and evolved as a confident speaker. His zeal and dedication brought joy to every topic discussion. A synthesizer player and a class representative, he took efforts to improve his behavioral traits and attitude and cultivate a far more responsible personality. Nirmiti Academy team feels proud and appreciate his commitment in these 6 months. His learning journey is an inspiring example for all those who aspire to nurture a confident and joyful personality.

Times have really changed. Gone are the days where leadership lessons were learnt by executives. With the ever-increasing complexities in schooling years, every child needs to be more responsible, decisive and enterprising. Nirmiti Academy’s Youth Leadership program takes first step towards the building leadership skills in these young minds through curated exercises and reflective activities.

Nirmiti Academy’s Youth Leadership program brings in long-lasting benefits in the growing up stages of your children:

It aids positive attitude and growth mindset

It builds confidence and tact to deal with varied problems

It nurtures right etiquette and mannerisms

It teaches your child to regulate emotions in a logical manner

It develops strong communication skills

It etches a road map as a budding leader

Developing these essential life skills is one of the most important milestones in the upbringing of your children. Investing a little time, efforts and due support as a parent brings a sea-change in the child’s potential as a confident personality in academics and society at large.

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Online Youth Leadership Program – Batch 2 – US, India, Singapore, Africa and Dubai

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