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Online Youth Leadership Program – School Students – India and UAE – Batch 3 – Apr – May 2021

When you think of a leader, you visualize and settle on someone who has several qualities such as goal-oriented, collaborative, good listener and communicator, encouraging, hard-working, positive, etc. The world is hungry for leaders today. But what do they really want to see in a leader? Those who are effective and those who are inspiring others to join their dream are considered as leaders. But is that enough or plausible for a student to be an effective leader? To be a good leader, a student needs to possess and work towards equipping many qualities in their formative years of growing.

In this ever-changing world, students are facing many challenges in coping with the changes in their learning ecosystem. With constant conflict between isolation and social distancing, students have to step up and take the responsibility of showcasing their leadership traits in the small window of communication that they have in online school sessions. They also need to adopt leadership skills to accept challenges, solve problems, and analyze right or wrong decisions and make appropriate choices.

Our 3rd batch of Youth Leadership program focuses mainly on equipping the right behavioral traits and nurture life skills to empower young students right from the age of 9. It cultivates the right platform for a child to identify his strengths and build leadership skills in his environment. The program started with students of age group 9 – 14 from India and UAE with an objective to mentor and groom their Personality accordingly.

Under the guidance of Dipti Deepak, Founder Director and Chief Facilitator at Nirmiti Academy, the students learnt to regulate their emotions, apply mind map and problem-solving techniques to real situations, adopt the right manners and etiquettes, build confidence and present their ideas and case situations, lead discussions and facilitate positive change in their perspectives and mindset.

Shehzin M, a student from UAE has shown an exemplary journey at Nirmiti Academy. In 2020, he pursued Online Public Speaking Level 1 and Level 2 programs of Online Public Speaking and went on to bag the Winner’s title in Speak Now Contest – an annual contest held by Nirmiti Academy for their national and international students. This year, he came back with yet another aspiration to upskill himself in Leadership skills. The reflective exercises in problem-solving, mind-mapping and emotional intelligence proved beneficial for Shehzin. It also helped him to bring a shift in his mindset to regulate his behavioral responses to his peer issues and bring more tact in his communication.

Arya B, a student from Pune, took a huge leap in the areas of communication and confidence with the Online Public Speaking Level 1 and Level 2 last year. Right from overcoming nervousness to have strived towards achieving a fine balance in his personality traits and behaviours. His poster presentation in regulating emotions and cultivating right mannerisms needs a special mention. In his appreciative words, “My journey with Nirmiti Academy – I attended three programs with Nirmiti Academy. My first was about Public Speaking, second was Presentation skills and my third was Youth Leadership program. I have done all my three programs with Dipti miss and Ruchi miss. In my first program of Public Speaking, I learnt Communication skills, Powerful introduction, speaking technique and confident body language. In my second program of Presentation skills, I learnt how to make powerful PowerPoint presentation, how to note down points and how to do chart work presentations. Now, my Youth Leadership is going on, in which, I am learning manners, how to behave in various types of conditions, and in these days, I am learning emotional intelligence. Because of all these programs, communication skills, confidence, behavioral and emotions are improved. Thanks to Nirmiti Academy and special thanks to Dipti mam for me how to behave in society.”

School education provides the necessary learning environment in varied subjects, however, may not be able to rightly invest in each child and equip these essential life skills required for his balanced future. Although one does acquire technical and academic skills, many school institutions lack the fundamental behavioral and value-based skill orientation and transformational programs. This is where Nirmiti Academy plays a pivotal role in bringing such a profound opportunity with Online Youth Leadership program and shape the leaders of tomorrow!

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Online Youth Leadership Program – School Students – India and UAE – Batch 3 – Apr – May 2021

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