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Personality Development – For Students – Classroom and Online Learning Program – March 2020

The Self development market is estimated to grow from $9.9 billion in 2016 to $13.2 billion by 2022 as per the recent study of Market research. Millennilas are driving the self improvement industry more than the Baby Boomers by investing in self improvement apps, books, coaching, motivational seminars, webinars, masterclasses and more. Whether it is emotional and mental well being or practicing better time management and goal setting techniques to increase focus and productivity in their life and career or simply to bring newness in their mindset and skillset.

Our Personality Development programs aims to bring personal development in your mindset, values, thoughts and actions. It changes your perspectives and brings you closer to your goals in life and in your career. This program also gives every student an opportunity and right exposure to build workable skills. It helps them to become a good communicator, interact confidently, come out of their comfort zone, overcome nervousness and present on varied topics, be more organised and prioritise their goals. Nirmiti Academy kickstarted this evolutionary journey for four young students at different milestones in their academic career in November 2019. With fire in their bellies and immense faith and drive to transform into far confident and prepared personalities, they began with Personality Development classroom program and went on to complete their internship projects with us. With Covid-19 outbreak, they also experienced the blended format of learning and latched onto Online learning sessions. Their program was successfully completed in March 2020.

We are extremely happy to see each one of them turn into a new leaf! We learnt, unlearned, celebrated and created memories of a lifetime! We wish them our best in all their future endeavors and continue to make a difference in their lives even today!

Capturing each students’ journey…

Shubham came with a desire to improve his speaking skills, body language and mature into a confident personality. As he finished his course, he said, “It was an amazing experience with Nirmiti Academy. In this academy each and everything about personality development is taught in such a depth that I feel very happy with my transformation. The trainers not only taught about personality development, but also focused on grammar and powerful speaking skills. Before joining Nirmiti academy my confidence level was at zero. I was never able to present in front of people but this academy taught me how to present in front of people and face the world with a big smile. A big thanks to Dipti Deepak mam who taught, motivated and mentored me. That is why I am able to present myself confidently in front of people today. Thank you so much Nirmiti Academy I will never forget the contribution made by this academy in my development for the rest of my life”

Dhruv an HSC student, who has plans to pursue his higher studies from an International University was struggling with his confidence and weight concerns and was finding it difficult to manage interpersonal relationships with friends and peers. We worked closely with him to reinforce his strengths, contribute to Nirmiti team as an intern and find his voice, thoughts, and creativity in a better manner. Undergoing the program helped him to overcome his apprehensions and challenges. He now feels more excited, confident and presentable when it comes to interacting or sharing his ideas with new faces. He has also largely contributed to Nirmiti team through his content projects.

Yash, a Pharmacy student from Pali, Raigad joined our Personality development course for working on areas which were acting as a hurdle in his personal development. Yash, being a soft-spoken student, always found it difficult to present himself confidently while interacting with others. Keeping his areas of improvement in mind, numerous speaking interventions were conducted which encouraged Yash and all the other participants to voice their thoughts, views and opinions in a more structured and confident manner. Activities like presentations, group discussions, debates helped Yash to come out of his comfort zone. He says, “I joined Nirmiti Academy for Personality Development and for building confidence. Thanks a lot, to the trainers at Nirmiti Academy for training me. Now I am able to talk and present myself confidently. The trainers at Nirmit Academy are well trained. They always treated us like a family member. Overall, it was a great experience with Nirmiti Academy.”

One of the four musketeers, Tarun enrolled to groom (read corporate grooming) and prepare himself for the big corporate world says, I want to thank to this Academy and all the trainers for believing in me. My main reason for joining this academy was to build the confidence. And I guess I have achieved it! I will make sure that I apply all my learnings in my future as well. it in future. And the best part – I never felt I was a student at Nirmiti. Nirmiti Academy always treated me like a family member. I have had an amazing time and learning with Nirmiti Academy. I hope we all have a successful and enjoyable journey ahead. I owe a lot to this Academy and the trainers for my development. Nirmiti Academy will always be a beautiful part of all my achievements. Thank you once again!”

As per the need analysis, more focus was provided on various aspects of campus to corporate life, corporate etiquette, confidence building, presentations, and goal setting. Apart from the Soft Skills sessions, each of them were encouraged in contributing to team engagement activities, simulations, projects and numerous collaborative study to come out of their comfort zone. By foraying into Online Learning sessions in Personality Development, they not only completed their program successfully but also set the stage for our next enthusiastic group of learners pursuing their graduate and further studies in Engineering, Law, Accountancy, Commerce and Entrepreneurial fields.

This program is highly effective students who take their first steps towards building their career from Class X – XII, Graduation to Post Graduation. Personality Development program at Classroom and Online learning platforms brings greater value and equity to the transformational journey that each Class X- XII student takes in building his life and career.

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Personality Development – For Students – Classroom and Online Learning Program – March 2020

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