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Personality Development - Oct 2019 to Jan 2020

Personality is concerned with the psychological pattern of an individual - the thoughts, emotions, opinions and feelings that are unique to a person. In fact, the entirety of character, characteristics and traits of a person are accountable for shaping his/her personality.

These inherent personality traits get exhibited through soft skills and the different behaviours that one possesses while interacting with each other that makes a person what he or she is. It helps bring out a number of inherent qualities of a person, which are a must in any responsible situation.

Nirmiti Academy is proud to conclude Personality Development Program for two young students – Manish Nair & Karan Somani who came to Nirmiti Academy with their own set of challenges and limitations. As part of our inclusion drive, we at Nirmiti Academy, have always aimed at giving equal opportunities to upgrade the skill sets and not limiting or depriving anyone from pursuing this program.

The intensive four months program of Personality Development largely aimed to improve their communication and interactive skills along with bringing up their presentation capabilities. Both Manish and Karan lacked confidence, fluency, structure and fluidity while speaking in a small group of people. This program encouraged them to focus on articulation, speech, and confidence.

Manish Nair, a 02nd year student of Model College, Dombivli joined this 04 months Personality Development Program with Nirmiti Academy to overcome his speech defect and low confidence. The course content was exclusively designed keeping his needs and challenges in mind. Numerous activities like group discussions, role – plays, debates were conducted to help him to face the crowd and present his thoughts in a well-structured manner. Manish’s Mom, Mrs. Lathika Nair expressed her earnest feedback for our contribution towards her ward’s development. She said, “I thank your whole team for extending cooperation and support in developing personality as well as English Speaking for my son.” Likeable topics and situations close to his life were taken to bridge the gap.

Karan Somani, an 11th grade student was a part of this program who was confident enough but when it came to expressing openly in public somewhere there was a concern for him. He faced difficulty in forming specific words or sounds correctly with making words or sentences that flow easily. After continuous practice, interaction with the trainer and the trainees, and immediate feedback he could improve himself . His sentence construction, vocabulary and speech improved drastically over a period of 04 months. He said “I am very thankful to Nirmiti Academy and their trainers. They are very supportive. I enjoyed my time at Nirmiti Academy.”

With their conscious efforts, practice and time, they could overcome this hurdle, enjoyed the learning journey and came out as winners. From being consistently judged, they are now more confident to face the audience.

Eagerness and active participation in experiential activities surged a level up with Flip chart Presentations, Essay writing, Dialogue Writing, Story Telling, Group Presentations, Role-plays etc.

Diversity and Inclusion is an integral part of Nirmiti Academy's culture and we are honoured to help such students to overcome their fears and transform them into a confident personality with enjoyable learning and participative approaches.

Learning Outcomes from the program were:

Develop Communication and public speaking skills

Giving Powerful Introductions

Exhibit teamwork and be likeable in groups

Accepting Feedback and Handling Rejection

Creative Writing skills

Improved self - confidence

With pride in our eyes, we bid goodbyes and wished them luck and more zeal in all their future endeavors. We are happy to act as radars and assist them in facing and overcoming their hurdles with trust, excitement & hope.

The Personality development program at Nirmiti Academy helps you develop a remarkable personality and makes you stand apart from the rest. Nirmiti Academy acts as a catalyst in improving one’s communication skills, social skills, body language, etc. Individuals must learn to master the art of expressing their thoughts, opinions and feelings in the most desired way. Under-going such program makes you a confident individual who is valued and appreciated wherever you go.

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Personality Development - Oct 2019 to Jan 2020

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