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Personality Development Program, Class X and XII students – May to June 2019

Yet another batch of Personality Development Program for developing skill sets of Class X and XII students brought us closer to our strengths and strive harder in transitioning them from casual outlook to college preparedness.

Nirmiti Academy kickstarted once again a highly engaging, focused and all inclusive certificate program in Personality Development at our Professional training centre at Majiwade, Thane in May 2019.

This Program has been designed to groom these young kids in certain life skills before they step into their career. Personality Development Program at Nirmiti Academy has been designed with a fine blend of comprehensive set of over 10 Soft skills modules that are essential in their personal and professional life along with making them employable-ready.

The students were super excited to take up this transformational journey in building their Confidence, become an effective communicator, acquire tips on right grooming and etiquette, creating impact through their presentation skills and become a great team player, manage and prioritise their time well, learn such behaviour and values that they can adapt to function smoothly in college, develop conversation skills and be accepted in new and diverse group culture.

Enthusiasm and involvement in experiential activities got a notch level up with Topic Presentations, Team Building activities, Picture Talk, Book reviews, Flipchart Presentations, Unique Talent Presentation, White Board Presentations, Newspaper article presentation, Case study and Group Presentations, Group Discussions, Debates etc.

Over 50 hours of Personality Development Program at Nirmiti Academy was specifically planned and aimed to create experiential training experience to build confident young leaders of tomorrow.

Program provided diverse benefits to these students through such and more experiential learning sessions, Career Guidance, Individual and Group Coaching, Continuous speaking practice, outdoor team building opportunities and a certificate of completion. All the kids worked very hard for their project work and tremendously executed their presentation in final assessment despite having multiple responsibilities towards college admissions, relocation and other family meet ups.

The grand finale brought out the true worth and dedication of each aspirational speaker! Each student presented on famous personalities which were either their role model or influencers in social, national, international, sport, business and political backgrounds. Each of them had to prepare their final assessments in form of Power Point and Flip chart where the journey, achievements, obstacles, success stories of their chosen famous leader were presented fluidly. Our trainers closely worked meticulous demo practice sessions, guidance and feedback to overcome all the concerns of these students and made it possible for each student to deliver their final assessment in such a confident and profound ways! A day to cherish and remember for all future speaking opportunities!

Achintya Ghosh, a Hotel Management student from SRM Institute of Hotel Management, was an introvert boy, who could not express himself among the group easily. But, after going through this Personality Development program, he saw a positive change in himself. He says “I found Nirmiti academy very useful in terms of public speaking, building self -esteem and self- confidence. Dipti Mam and Dhanashree mam are so friendly in teaching and they conduct the sessions based on what the students needs are. I've really enjoyed and learned from this course since it is mostly practical learning, this course has great effectiveness. I would definitely recommend this course for people who want to rediscover themselves and lead a positive life”

Like wise, Harshita Akkaraju, an outstation student from Manipal University, who had the true potential to be a fantastic speaker, was only restricted due to lack of expressions and ease, more poker-faced at first. She wanted to work on her expression and body language and took Leap of faith during the Book review presentations at our Personality Development Program. She said “Thanks to Nirmiti academy for my overall personality development. I am now able to express myself even better. It was a joyous ride. I always looked forward to my classes. Met incredible people. Had a fabulous experience. Thank you Deepti ma'am and Dhanashree ma'am for helping me evolve”.

Proud to mention of Amit Kalyankar, ex-student of Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane, who came with a capacity of a raw diamond who only needed that extra polish and platform to be nurtured, shine and sparkle out with memorable delivery of content, poise, catchy phrases and lasting contribution to the Personality Development program of Nirmiti Academy. Words that touched hearts and will be etched in the wall of fame of Nirmiti Academy, "An Optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty whereas a Pessimist sees a difficulty in every opportunity! Who are you?" Such transformational journeys truly make our presence as Coaches truly worthwhile!

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Personality Development Program – May - June 2019

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