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Personality Development Program, Class X and XII Students – June to July 2019

Another exclusive and enthusiastic batch of Personality Development Program for students of Class X and XII got us closer to yet another opportunity of developing students personally and professionally who will be stepping into a new culture and start their transformational journey in college.

Although this afternoon batch's learnings were designed in sync with our morning batch of Personality Development - Class XII and beyond, at no point we felt the monotony of teaching and facilitating super fun, engaging and diverse content which focused on overall development at our training centre.

The Program was specifically designed to groom these teenagers-turning-into-adults before they tread on their career path as they need to be confident enough to face roller coaster hurdles in near future. Their Personality Development Program at Nirmiti Academy was a sure mix - blend of multiple Soft skills modules that are essential in their college student's growth.

Keeping the college admission and commencement dates, we were conducting everyday sessions unlike the regular duration program, customised to their needs and availability. The students of this batch needed to up skill themselves within 1.5 months, particularly in striking a conversation, bringing an attitudinal shift, become confidence and communicative, work on their social and professional etiquette and be a team player.

On a daily basis, they were provided experiential practice sessions in building their Confidence, not only become an effective communicator but also a listener, personal grooming, dressing and hygiene, and tips to be a great team player. The most awaited learnings were sought out through varied practice sessions on effective presentation skills. Time management and goal setting were quite a revelation in how one would self organise their days ahead and avoid typical time wasters of teenage class.

45 hours of outstanding participation in various experiential activities such as Topic Presentations, Team Building, Outdoor Trek, Picture Talk, Book reviews, Flip chart Presentation, Unique Talent Presentation, White Board Presentation, Newspaper article presentation, Case study and Group Presentations, Group Discussions, Debates etc kept each of them on toes till the end.

Learning Outcomes of Personality Development program for these Class X and XII students were:

Smooth transition from school to campus life

Acquire skills, attitude and right behaviour preferred at campus

Develop Communication and Conversational Skills

Overcome fears of speaking in Public

Be a great team player

Priortize time and good schedule concepts

Better body language awareness and understanding

The best moments were created when both the morning and noon batches of students were mixed and blended to give out-of-comfort-zone experiences through group activities indoor and outdoor.

Students did a lot of speaking practice in form Presentations such as Picture Talk where they carved a story out of pictures from newspaper, a creative thought process behind the story and executed that communication can happen just with pictures. Likewise Book Review Presentation made these young adults become a reader present the book in front of audience. Unique talent presentation got the creative juices flowing, for example, Praneet Gheware presented his passion in knowing and owning luxury cars. He adopted the 'realia' technique by using the car models and giving a touch-and-feel of the make of these cars to his audience.

For final assessments, students were asked to give a Biographical Presentation of their role models. They not only created creative tools such as Flipchart, cue cards, etc. but also created Powerpoint presentations. To see each of them in their Sunday best, well groomed and prepared was a sheer delight.

Bhaviya Sam, a student of Sulochanadevi Singhania IB college, also quoted her experience “Nimriti Academy is something extremely special for me. Not only I have learned many things but also it has brought out my true prospective. I have also made amazing memories with the other students. Thanks to Dipti Ma'am and Dhanashree Ma'am, now I am a better person”.

Nirmiti team worked with lots of efforts and positivity with each student to overcome their fear of speaking in public and facilitated the program in such a way that we could build confident personalities of today and tomorrow!

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Personality Development Program – June - July 2019

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