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Personality Development Program, International Students – July to August 2019

The July batch of Personality Development Program got more interesting and challenging with two International students joining Nirmiti Academy with a definite purpose. Goal-based programs like these really get the best out of the learner and the facilitator to work on a different turf of pain areas and learning expectations.

A Class of different energies and aims was blended together with Aaron from Class VIII, Cambridge International School, Dubai and Anushka Gondhalekar, an ex student of Kelkar college of Commerce, who was to fly down to China to pursue Mandarin Language exchange program in August. or students of Class X and XII got us closer to yet another opportunity of developing students personally and professionally who will be stepping into a new culture and start their transformational journey in college.

For the students who pursue international Masters/ International Baccalaureate / MBA / MS / Student Exchange programs, Nirmiti Academy has designed a unique program in sync with required Soft Skills and competencies that transform their Personality through engaging and diverse tools and topics at our training centre.

Their Personality Development Program was customised with a good mix of skills in English Language, behaviour, communication, image, etiquette, team skills, and impactful presentation and personal branding.

Effective presentation skills and public speaking skills were definite attention stealers. Some of the highlights of these straight 45 hours were the highly creative tools of Presentations such as Picture Talk, Book reviews, Flip chart Presentation, Unique Talent Presentation, Case study and Group Presentations, Group Discussions, etc that kept each of them on toes for the entire month.

Learning Outcomes of Personality Development program for these Class X and XII students were:

Acquire skills, attitude and right behaviour preferred at international campuses

Develop Communication and Conversational Skills

Overcome fears of speaking in Public and larger platforms

Better body language awareness and understanding

Equip oneself with the right tools of presenting impactful content

Equip oneself with the right tools of presenting impactful content

Unique Talent Presentation by Anushka Gondhalekar was simply fantastic. She portrayed her crafts made out of strings and origami materials such as bracelets, small dolls, keychains and many more. Her confidence has gone two notches up with her faith in the craft, consistency and following every guidance given by Personal Excellence coach, Dipti Deepak at Nirmiti Academy.

Aaron's Flipchart presentation with the right blend of tips, techniques and creativity needs special mention. He showed utmost passion and commitment where he utilised his vacation to acquire new skills and behaviours. In fact, his mother, Annie was all praises of the partnership that we showed to each other to fulfil his aspiration.

Samarjjeet Samlok also worked hard till the end despite all the odds. His biggest challenge was to fight his own mindset and show consistency in practice and the methodology. Our trainers at Nirmiti Academy took every inch and corner to get him out of his comfort zone and move towards gaining structure, confidence and content. Him aim was to transition from school to campus way of working.

Why translated into their final assessments was simply magical! Whether a brand presentation or peek into famous personalities, they put their best foot forward and the program came to successful closure on 15th August, Independence Day celebration. Parent's positive and kind-worded testimonial only makes this entire journey truly worthwhile.

Nirmiti Academy is truly honoured and delighted to facilitate this power-packed program to equip these students with the right potions of confidence, etiquette and image tips for their future endeavours.

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Personality Development Program – July - August 2019

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