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Personality Development and Internship Development Program by Nirmiti Academy in Thane on 2019

Scenario 1:

The student 1 comes with countless rejections in his interview journey and upon the assurance of the guardian’s choice of Personality Development Institutes lands him up in Nirmiti Academy. Upon understanding the learning process, the student began his journey and saw the potential in investing his time, effort, and most importantly his new found purpose. Under the guidance and coaching of Dipti Deepak, Founder Director and Personal Excellence Coach, Shubhanshu Prakash spotted the potential in the science of Soft Skills learning interventions that encouraged him to explore the power of experiential programs. Each session was meticulously planned to bring out personal strengths, confidence, and awareness to face off with his fears and weaknesses. He was guided gradually to work on his areas of improvement and come out confidently and successfully to achieve his personal and career goals.

The student 2 was self driven to explore and understand how Soft Skills and Personality Development programs will help him to work on his body language, shyness, and ability to speak out of his comfort zone. His mother being a reputed doctor and father serving the Government of Gujarat as GST Commissioner put a certain expectation from Shivam Vasave to evolve into an evolved and confident personality. He joined Nirmiti Academy to work on the building blocks before expanding his wings in pursuing career in Indian Adminsitrative services or History as his career choice. Lack of confident eye contact, poker face expressions, English language ease, polished demeanour were some of the focus areas brought out in the first consultation.

In both the scenarios, the sessions were meticulously planned together and a common ground was seeked revolving primarily around the vaious possibilities of taking off the fear factors. Apart from the classroom based sessions, multiple speaking interventions were planned with these set expectations.

As you know, Personality development plays a crucial role in augmenting one’s personality. It played an imperative role even for Shubhanshu and Shivam as it decided the way each one interacted with their faculty, friends and family, near future employer and colleagues. It largely helped in enhancing and grooming individuals like them and made them improved and efficient resources.

Through this program, we focus on imparting skills, knowledge and attitude that will help shape up a person’s personality, both personally and professionally. Highly experienced and internationally certified Trainers at Nirmiti Academy encourage participants to bring out their hidden strengths, thus helping them understand and value themselves. This will help them realize what they actually want and who they are.

Undergoing the personality development program empowered both the participants to bring out the better version of themselves. Although each of them took a different learning path, they focused on improving their communication, their body language, social and professional behavior and etiquettes, The personality development program not only focused on their communication skills but also on body language, dressing and appearance, etiquette and mannerisms, public speaking and presentation skills, etc. The intervention planned for 3 months was supportive and tremendously engaging to bring joyful transformations in both of them.

Scenario 2:

Where Shivam Vasave went on to pursue Spoken English and bringing finite improvement in his Spoken skills and ease in using English language in his daily conversations, Shubhanshu went ahead in pursuing Intern Development program with Nirmiti Academy.

Shubhanshu Prakash continued his efforts in finding the right Marketing profile where he could utilise his skills and education. His interests lie in pursuing Digital Marketing as well as exploring grassroot strategies in marketing product/service. Looking at his inclined interests, we absorbed him as a Marketing intern with Nirmiti Academy. Internship Development program specialises in grooing raw talent and providing functional platforms to avail practical learning in business situations. Student learn and contribute through their focused key result areas, get guided and groomed with Dipti Deepak, Chief Facilitator and Mentor and get a clear understanding on how organisations work and overcome problem areas. Shubhanshu was provided equal opportunity in brainstorming and strategic plans and was engaged in content development, digital festive promotions and idea generation processes.

In his words of appreciation, Shubhanshu said “I was enrolled in the Personality Development Program. There were many activities conducted like discussions and presentations which helped me a lot in terms of developing my skills and overcoming my problems. Thank you Dipti Mam, Nimisha Mam and Ruchi Mam for all the support and encouragement. It helped me a lot.” We wish Shubhanshu all our best in all his future endeavors!

What are the key benefits of such an opportunity?

An Intern Development program student undergoes his regular Personality Development program and then assists in functional internship project for 1 – 3 months. Not only does he invest monetarily in pursuing the program in wholesome grooming but also acquires real-time experience where he can apply his technical skills and get groomed in office-like environment. Being in an entrepreneurial culture given him an additional advantage of ‘being heard’ with individual attention and growth areas.

Why should I take up such a program?

As there is a cut throat competition in the job market, fresh graduates need to look for ways which will make them stand apart from the skilled and experienced lot of candidates. They also need ro change and evolve into a corporate mindset and be considered accountable for their individual projects. With such internship platforms provided by Nirmiti Academy, the students not only acquire soft skills but also set themselves apart in interviews and projects. They come out far more confident and balanced students by the end of three months at Nirmiti Academy. Such well-prepared students tend to be more valued and preferred by employers, and this makes internships an attractive prospect to be pursued before stepping into corporate organisations.

Thus we at Nirmiti, take pride in providing a real time learning experiences which shape these fresh graduates in ways that make them ready for a corporate dream.

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Personality Development and Internship Development Program by Nirmiti Academy in Thane on 2019

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