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Public Speaking for Kids - Jan - Feb 2020

Glassophobia, or the fear of Public Speaking, is remarkably common in many parts of the world. In fact, some of the statistical findings say that nearly 25.3% of the population has some level of anxiety and fear of speaking in front of a crowd.” - America’s Top fears: Public Speaking, heights and bugs – Washington in 2014.

Public speaking is a life skill that your child must cultivate to be more confident and comfortable in speaking with varied kinds of people in academic and social situations. In fact it is an essential skill for your child’s overall development. Students who practice and refine their Public Speaking Skills learn to describe their views with better clarity and conviction. Moreover, they learn to adapt presentation formats to suit varied audiences and ponder upon the requirements of the audience when speaking for the purpose of persuading them. This skill of communicating confidently in public, is not only necessary for succeeding in academics but also in this competitive world.

  Nirmiti Academy kickstarted its first Public Speaking Program for students from grade 03 to grade 09. This course was proudly introduced on our 3rd anniversay in January.

The Public Speaking program at Nirmiti Academy helps you to develop as a remarkable speaker and makes you stand apart from the crowd from a young age. Nirmiti Academy acts as a catalyst agent in improving one’s speaking skills, social skills, body language, presentations etc. Young leaders (students) must learn to master the art of expressing their thoughts, sentiments and frame of mind in the most desired way. Undergoing such a program makes one as a confident individual who is valued and appreciated wherever they go.

  One of our participants, Nishtha Manroa a class 9 student from Rustomjee Cambridge International School, benefited immensely from this program. She not only learnt about the communication skills, listening skills, social etiquette and mannerism but also to be a good presenter. Our program and the activities helped her to be confident and vocal about the opinions. 

  Another young participant, Bhavika Kumar enrolled herself for yet another program with Nirmiti Academy. Her first stint with Nirmiti Academy, won her appreciation and praise at her School - Passion Project, where she stood first amongst the class. And this positive experience made her join Nirmiti Academy once again for Academic English & Public Speaking Program. This program helped Bhavika to work on her academic grammar, school projects, communication, team working and presentation skills. 

  Every session at Nirmiti Academy, is a like a canvas. Students are encouraged to colour this canvas (read session) with fun, laughter and new learnings. A course in public speaking will enlighten you to how to gather information and organize it not only so you as the speaker deliver it as envisioned, but so that the audience can process it successfully.

Our Public Speaking course will aid your child with:

Increased self-confidence 

Greater ability to overcome anxiety and nervousness when facing crowd

Enhanced presentation skills

Aids in identifying your strengths and making the best use of it

The ability to use and tone your voice more effectively

Greater awareness of your own non-verbal and verbal communication skills

We at Nirmiti Academy act as an instrument in helping young kids realize their potential and strengths at an early stage which in a way makes them a stronger, confident and a charismatic speaker. All the activities that are conducted solely focusses on the child’s overall development - speaking, creative writing, effective communication, listening, presentation, team work, social etiquette and mannerisms.

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Public Speaking for Kids - Jan - Feb 2020

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