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Public Speaking program – For Students – Class 3 – Class 9 – Classroom and Online Learning – March 2020

Simply the thought of speaking in front of people makes most people cripple with fear and anxiety. An individual might forget to learn dancing or playing cricket, but he/she must never forget to be confident and to speak out in a crowd. Whether it’s a debate competition at school, business presentation in front of the clients, or hosting the get-together at a private party, it is important to speak and deliver your thoughts or a presentation in an effective manner.

Public speaking tips and techniques for students intend to reduce anxiety that can act as a hurdle while giving presentations or speeches in class. On that note, Nirmiti Academy commenced its second Public Speaking Program for students from grade 05 to grade 08. The saying – best of both the worlds suits very well for this batch as they got an exposure to classroom as well as online learning sessions. These students who were a part of our classroom programs experienced our online learning sessions too (thanks to COVID-19!).

The Public Speaking program at Nirmiti Academy aims to help you to develop as a confident speaker and makes you stand apart from the crowd from a very young age. Nirmiti Academy acts as a change agent in improving your speaking skills, body language, presentation techniques, confidence and style etc. In today’s competitive world, Students must learn to master the art of expressing their thoughts, opinions, feelings and frame of mind in the most desired way. Taking up such a program makes one not only as a confident individual but also get noticed, valued and respected wherever they go in their career.

Rajveer Singh Lote, a class 6 student benefited immensely from our Public Speaking Program. When he enrolled for the program, he used to feel nervous and showed apprehension while talking or presenting. But as the sessions progressed, Rajveer came out of his shell and started taking initiative and participated actively in all the speaking interventions conducted during the public speaking program. All the activities focused on confidence building, presentation, taming nervousness helped Rajveer largely to progress in a positive manner.

Another participant, Pranav Raut, a class 6 student too enjoyed his tenure with Nirmiti Academy. He too like Rajveer, was a shy and reserved boy. Numerous activities were conducted through games, audio-videos, movies to encourage the students to speak up and boost their confidence. Constructive feedback received from the trainers helped the students to overcome their challenges. Participants also learnt how to hold themselves during speeches, presentations or group discussions when on an online platform.

Why Public Speaking programs should be considered at young age?

Boosts self confidence

Enables to strike conversations

Tames nervousness

Improves body language

Makes you a perfect storyteller!

With more than 1500 student interactions, case solutions, and guidance sessions conducted over 3 years, we at Nirmiti Academy, act as a catalyst in helping young kids identify their true potential and strengths at an early stage, which in a way, makes them a robust, confident and a charismatic speaker. The program prepares the students with many tools and communication strategies that brings overall development in speaking, writing, listening, presentation, body language, team work, social & virtual communication etiquette and mannerisms and their personality.

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Public Speaking program – For Students – Class 3 – Class 9 – Classroom and Online Learning – March 2020

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